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Federal Judge subverts justice once again - Is Bayer Yaz going to be the next AstraZeneca Seroquel

We used to have something very unique in America that separates us from humanity's dark history of tyrannical dictatorships, elitist tyrannies, unbending theocracies, military tribunals, & oppressive oligarchies; it was called the rule of law and a system of equal justice determined by the masterful safe guard called a jury of our peers. That cherished and endangered safe guard of the common citizenry is now being supplanted within our judicial system with politically appointed judges with tainted partition agendas that serve those powerful few that have in turn gifted them their positions. 

The injured parties in the Bayer YAZ litigation better be paying very close attention & start applying some firm pressure upon their law firms right now; before they are the next injured parties sold down the river for an insulting settlement offer by these ambulance chaser law firms that are looking out for themselves and bottom lines first & foremost. Oh yeah, their injured clients a very distant second, if at all..most of these law firms headed to these secretive backroom dealing only see you the injured party as a number, a dollar sign, a meal ticket, and easy pay day. 

You are not a real person, an actual face, or a feeling human being that has suffered an injustice & injury by blatant corporate malfeasance to them. You are just simply a numbers calculation, one of many nameless & faceless thousands they intend to use as bargaining chips for profit . 

 Just ask the injured Seroquel litigants! We have been on the receiving end of the misinformation tread mill, felt the total disregard for our concerns and inquiries, and been bullied by these same law firms and court system you're relying upon to seek justice & to serve your best interest.  It's many of the same law firms, the same secret backroom scam, and more than likely end up being the same unjust results coming for the YAZ victims down the proverbial pike very soon.... 

Say it ain't so! Please say it ain't so: trials canceled, judges forcing settlement negotiations, delays, delays, & more delays... and to think the same mediator hired gun appointed (or shall we say anointed) to this litigation that directed the scandalous miscarriage of justice in the AstraZeneca Seroquel litigation. 

This surely means more shady secret back room deals with no injured party oversight or reasonable knowledge of the goings on..Tort litigation has become a corrupted cookie cutter process of monetary deal making that richly rewards both attorney firm greed & unscrupulous/recklessness corporate behavior; while leaving the actual injured parties with insulting token settlements and zero justice. But more than than this, it's hides the truth and inherent dangers of drug products from the general public. 

As with the AstraZeneca Seroquel litigation; Bayer will for all intent & purpose end up walking away from this litigation with a scant slap on the wrist **while admitting no wrong doing and profiting beyond imagination** and to think, with all those product dangers & the pertinent information to be hidden from the general public's knowledge base forever. 

This same crooked play book is now being used over and over again...and no one is standing up to confront all the greed serving beastly players from bottom to top of this members only club. This is none other than a corrupt elitist government sanctioned miscarriage of justice..what some call to BIG to be held accountable, and others call pay to play. What it's not, is about equal justice or receiving your rightful day in court before a jury of your peers, specially when a huge corporation with forethought and great malice recklessly causes you serious bodily harm from using their unsafe product.


From fiercepharma

Judge calls off Yaz trial, orders suits into mediation

The first Yaz trial won't open as scheduled. A federal judge delayed the bellwether patient lawsuit, set for trial next week, and appointed a special master to mediate instead. And this special master is well versed in pharma liability litigation: It's George Washington law professor Stephen Saltzburg, who handled mediation in 26,000 Seroquel lawsuits.

Judge David Herndon, who's overseeing litigation over Bayer's birth control pills, had promised in the fall to press for settlements after the bellwether trials wrapped up. But in an order filed Dec. 31, Herndon abandoned his previous plan in favor of mediation, saying this alternative will "better serve" plaintiffs and defendants in these cases. Herndon ordered both sides to meet with Saltzburg "without delay" and negotiate in good faith.

The order not only put the first Yaz trial—Kerry Sims v. Bayer—on hold, but also put the rest of the bellwether trials in limbo. Herndon is presiding over thousands of suits claiming Bayer contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin caused dangerous blood clots, and the drugmaker didn't adequately warn patients of the risks. Bayer maintains the pills are safe and effective when used as directed.
Lawyers aren't the only ones debating the drugs' safety. A range of studies have turned in conflicting results on their safety risks, with some highlighting substantial increase in clotting risks and others finding no increase. In December, an FDA advisory panel reviewed the data, and the group recommended labeling changes to clarify the potential risk of blood clots. The committee backed the drugs' risk-benefit profile, however, with a 15-11 vote.

- get Judge Herndon's order (PDF)


If your wondering how all these defective & harmful drugs are getting approved to market; there this interesting article today over at Pharmalot you should read. & read here concerning YAZ

Different drug for a different use than Seroquel no doubt...but the hidden data, corporate hanky panky, and ingrained corruption up and down the profiteering chain link connections are eerily similar..

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