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REJECT the Seroquel Settlement Offer - Plaintiff Law Firms - sleazy backroom deals and the marketing of a bad settlement to those injured by Seroquel

REJECT the Seroquel Settlement Offer - Plaintiff Law Firms - sleazy backroom deals and the marketing of a bad settlement to those injured by Seroquel

It's no mistake that the plaintiff law firms are marketing this offer for AstraZeneca (it's in their own $$ Interest, Not the injured parties best interest). This is all part of those sleazy secret back room deals that they won't talk to their clients about. 

In Fact these plaintiff law firms appear to have laid down groveling for mercy like the submissive bitches gutless thieves they are, before pure evil AstraZeneca and their billion dollar demon legal team. 

This is not what injured parties sought or signed onto when they went searching for justice related to the horrendous crimes AstraZeneca perpetrated against them. Read between the lines & what the following statements by one of the plaintiff laws firms in this litigation is really saying. 

There is NO JUSTICE what so ever in this settlement offer.  This is only another sweet heart deal for AstraZeneca and Plaintiff Law Firms...No admission of wrong doing, No fair or adequate compensation to victims, No trial, No jury....No verdict...NO JUSTICE....

From Howard Nations Law Firm ,One of the many Plaintiff law firms involved in the Seroquel tort litigation.

Frequently asked Question regarding Seroquel Litigation Settlement:


1) After I sign and return the documents, when will I receive my funds?
AstraZeneca will not allow any claimant in this settlement to receive money until almost all of the claimants return their signed packet. The sooner all documents are signed and returned to us, the sooner you will be paid. AstraZeneca estimates no claimant shall receive their settlement funds before October 1, 2011.

2) What happens if I do not sign and return the settlement documents?

If you do not sign and return the documents, you will not be included in this settlement and you will not receive any money from this settlement. Please review the documents in your settlement packet regarding your option to decline this settlement. It is our opinion that this is the best opportunity for you to receive any compensation for your claims in the foreseeable future. 

3) How will the funds be sent to me?
When AstraZeneca has approved enough settlement packets, you will be issued a check. Final checks will be issued after all claimants have submitted their forms, liens have been cleared and final expenses have been determined. If you have special instructions for your payment (such as a Special Needs Trust), you should let us know by including that information on a separate sheet of paper and returning it with your settlement documents. If you do not have a bank account, you should open one now to expedite the safe receipt of your funds.

4) How was my settlement amount calculated?
The Seroquel claims have been settled based on AstraZeneca’s costs of continuing to defend these cases rather than the nature and extent of claimants’ injuries. There is no proper legal basis to offer any claimant more or less than another claimant. All claimants are being offered the same amount. After we receive your signed settlement documents, control of your file goes to an Independent Settlement Administrator for deduction of attorneys’ fees, expenses, and any liens. Bankruptcy issues will also be addressed at that time. For more information regarding Bankruptcy and your settlement

5) When will I receive my final payment?
It will take several months for the entire settlement to fund since we must collect the signed settlement documents from all clients and forward them to AstraZeneca to review and approve. AstraZeneca estimates no claimant shall receive their settlement funds before October 1, 2011. Final payments will not be mailed until all lien and Bankruptcy issues related to your claim have been resolved.

6) Is there any way I can get paid sooner?
We will work with the Settlement Administrator to release your money as quickly as possible but we need your cooperation. The best way you can speed up the process is by sending back your signed documents as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we must receive signed settlement documents back from almost all of our clients and they must be approved by AstraZeneca before any money can be released. We will do all we can to speed up the process, but nothing can happen until we receive the signed settlement documents back in our office.

7) Can I discuss this confidential settlement with anyone?
You must not disclose the terms of this Settlement, including your settlement offer amount, to anyone except your lawyers, your accountant and/or financial advisors. 

8) Do I have to pay back Medicare or Medicaid when I receive my check?

No. Any obligation to repay Medicare or Medicaid will be deducted before you receive your check.

9) What if I have filed for Bankruptcy?
If you have ever filed for Bankruptcy, we must know where you stand at the time of settlement. If you have filed in the past or are considering filing in the future, you must notify us immediately so we can discuss what needs to be done to finalize your settlement. You may email us at

10) What if I borrowed money against my settlement?
If you borrowed money against your settlement, your lender should have put us on notice of the loan, and we are required to deduct funds from your settlement to repay the loan before your settlement money can be released to you. Please refer to the agreement you entered into with the lender for details regarding what you owe.

11.) Will this settlement affect my government benefits such as disability, Medicare or Medicaid?
Our firm does not advise clients on the effect of settlements on government benefits other than to recommend that you confer with a specialist. Many states impose a general cap on allowed income and assets in determining eligibility for benefits. Therefore, settlement money may be an important factor for purposes of determining your eligibility to receive or continue to receive benefits and whether a period of ineligibility for benefits is applicable in your case. If you are currently receiving or seeking to receive SSI, Medicaid, or any other needs-based government benefits, we strongly advise you to immediately contact an attorney who specializes in government benefits, estate planning, special needs trusts, or elder law, to provide you further information and assist you in this area prior to your acceptance of this settlement offer.

12.) I’ve been calling the phone number provided for the Settlement Hotline and I always get a recording. Why am I not getting a live person?
Your questions are very important to us. However, in order to more efficiently handle your settlement, we have set up this hotline. All messages will be returned as quickly as possible. We ask for your patience as we try to get you and all of our clients paid as quickly as possible. Remember that you can also send us an email to

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SEROQUEL maker AstraZeneca sponsors (nongovernment) study: SHIELD -understanding diabetes mellitus! oh the irony!

The antipsychotic Seroquel has a black box warning for diabetes. How ironic that AstraZeneca has sponsored the largest nongovernment study of the risks of type 2 diabetes.

If one was to speculate on the inner-goings-on behind the scenes in boardroom meetings, one would question whether or not this was in fact a strategic plan, to counter the negative outcome of the diabetes side effect in AstraZeneca's blockbuster Seroquel. What better plan could there be to creating lifetime customers?

If you can't beat them join them? smack the injured parties in the face?

Just this week AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb announced their new diabetes drug dapagliflozin being developed has shown increased bladder and breast cancers in patients using the drug.

The development of a diabetes pill by 2 antipsychotic makers with drugs that have black box warnings for diabetes as a side effect is ironic enough, now we have AstraZeneca sponsoring a study on diabetes management.

This is a corporation, this is business, not philanthropy, not a feel good mission on behalf of AstraZeneca, this is a direct target into a market they essentially created with their drug: Seroquel induced diabetes.

There were 26,000 people who filed cases to sue AstraZeneca for taking Seroquel and becoming diabetic, that is 26,000 people who are possible candidates for their new pill, and the future market after the damage of Seroquel has been done.

Question for Seroquel victims: would you use this pill? would you participate in a study sponsored by the pharmaceutical company that sold the pill that gave you diabetes? would you have participated in SHIELD?

AZ Connections blog:

"The SHIELD study (The Study to Help Improve Early evaluation and management of risk factors Leading to Diabetes) showed that patients with risk factors related to their age, family history, and obesity significantly increase their risk of transition to type 2 diabetes by as much as 300 to 500 percent. Doctors who understand pre-diabetes risk factors and ask the right questions of their patients can quickly identify at-risk patients before they develop the disease, the study suggests."

Did AstraZeneca include a question of whether or not the person became diabetic as a result of ingesting quetiapine,Seroquel? The stats are skewed in percentages of adults and kids with diabetes in ALL surveys if that is not included. Considering the antipsychotic Seroquel is being dosed out for insomnia and anxiety, the possibilities are HUGE--that people are diabetic as a result of taking that pill. Those factors should be addressed.

Graph from the AZ Connections blog

"The SHIELD study is the largest nongovernmental study of its kind and was sponsored by AstraZeneca. SHIELD was a population-based survey conducted from 2004 to 2009 to better understand the risk for the development of diabetes mellitus, as well as disease burden.

“This collection of patient self-reported data has given us valuable real-world evidence of how doctors can help patients manage their risks of developing type 2 diabetes,” said Susan Grandy, PhD, Value Demonstration Leader and SHIELD Study Director, Health Economics & Outcomes Research at AstraZeneca."


From the AstraZeneca website:

June 28, 2011

"Asking the right questions may lead to earlier intervention in pre-diabetes

Could reduce rate of transition to type 2 diabetes, according to SHIELD study

June 28, 2011 – San Diego, CA – Predictors for type 2 diabetes are easily identifiable, according to a large community study undertaken to understand diabetes and the disease burden, and may lead to earlier intervention for people at risk. The findings were presented today at the American Diabetes Association’s 71st Annual Scientific Sessions.

SHIELD (The Study to Help Improve Early evaluation and management of risk factors Leading to Diabetes) is the largest non-governmental study of its kind.1 AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN) sponsored the study.

SHIELD data demonstrated that simple, easily available information, e.g., age, family history, obesity - characteristics adults can self-identify - are strong predictors for developing type 2 diabetes. The presence of these factors significantly boosts risk of transition, by as much as 300%-500%. Furthermore, clinicians may not need any other patient-reported symptom besides excessive thirst to further screen for type 2 diabetes. Active understanding of these pre-diabetes risk factors and early intervention may reduce transition to type 2 diabetes.

“We need to slow down the rate of transition to type 2 diabetes, said Helena W. Rodbard, MD, Endocrine and Metabolic Consultants in Rockville, MD and SHIELD study investigator. “SHIELD data can, ideally, be used to simplify the process by which clinicians identify and screen patients at risk of progressing, and help those in need get required support earlier.”

SHIELD (The Study to Help Improve Early Evaluation and management of risk factors Leading to Diabetes) was a 5-year longitudinal population-based survey conducted from 2004 to 2009 to better understand the risk for the development of diabetes mellitus, as well as disease burden. The objectives of SHIELD have been to assess:

•Prevalence and incidence of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease (CVD)
•Disease burden
•Disease progression and transition from pre-disease to diagnosed disease
•Risk predictors of transitioning from pre-disease to diagnosed disease
•Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding health

Of the 200,000 households that received the screening questionnaire in 2004, 127,420 households (containing a total of 211,097 adults) returned completed questionnaires.1 The follow-up baseline survey was mailed to 22,001 respondents to be followed over the subsequent five years with annual surveys.

The evaluation of transition to type 2 diabetes was analyzed from 11,238 respondents who had no diagnosis of diabetes at baseline and completed at least one or more follow-up surveys."


THE 26,000 SEROQUEL LAWSUIT CASES WERE PREVENTABLE. AstraZeneca knew the drug could cause diabetes which is documented in internal papers and emails. The company buried the data and sold the drug anyway.

If you were injured with  lifetime diabetes as a result of taking Seroquel, find a lawyer if you can find one willing to get your case to trial, with a jury, because a grave injustice has been done to you, in fact it's a corporate crime that the company has not admitted guilt for committing.

You deserve better than that, and AstraZeneca wants to create a diabetes pill for you as a consolation gift. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

*Editor of AZ Health Connections is Tony Jewell the PR spokesman typically quoted in articles when litigation or DoJ fines are reported, he usually 'denies guilt' as a representative of AstraZeneca. This could deem him 'the voice of evil' least to innocent victims of  the Seroquel scandal resulting in diabetes due to skewed and buried data, but we'll leave the description at Editor of AZ Health Connections for now.

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AstraZeneca Seroquel - Miscarriage of Justice - Bad Drug – Bad Settlement –Injured Parties being Victimized yet again by their own Legal Representation – Settlement Rejection Coming

AstraZeneca Seroquel - Miscarriage of Justice - Bad Drug – Bad Settlement  –Injured  Parties being Victimized yet again by their own Legal Representation – Settlement Rejection Coming

This is another post in a continuing series of articles regarding AstraZeneca – Seroquel, the litigation, and about those that were injured by this dangerous, illegally marketed, & serious hidden side effects consequences resulting from AstraZeneca’s actions & this drug.

In the past I’ve written about how our federal government through the department of justice allowed a settlement of 520 million dollars for these many crimes and for the recovery of fraudulent Medicare monies to happen without any admission of wrong doing or guilt. How states have signed onto another 86 millions dollars in settlement dollars involving Medicare fraud and other related crimes, again without any admission of wrong doing or guilt.

Today let us focus upon the real victims as it relates to the continued suffering and injustice being perpetrated by AstraZeneca’s unconscionable actions & the plaintiff law firms that are supposed to be representing victims best interest.

They are those unfortunate citizens that took this drug and are now suffering the dire consequences with life long conditions including diabetes and various other documented side effects (including death) caused by the ingestion of Seroquel.

In correspondence with an unnamed confidential plaintiff in this Seroquel litigation; I hope to bring the reader new and eye opening information as it comes to light.

From a phone correspondence as relayed to me by my source:

Thursday June 23, 2011 - Megan Elliot administrative assistant for “YouHaveALawyer” or Saiontz & Kirk P.A.

How much compensation did your firm receive to sell my case? I can answer that one, its split 50/50 depending on whether it was fee of 33% or 40%; it would be 16.5% or 20% for each firm.

The other questions asked would be relayed to the Miller Firm LLC and source was told they should receive a response from them Monday or Tuesday.


Monday June 27, 2011 paraphrased answers Kate Hamilton Miller Firm LLC representative millerfirmllc :

Source was told the compensation to buy my case was said to be 50% of 40% contingency fee correct? Saiontz&Kirk are considered co-counsel.

So even though Saiontz&Kirk P.A. can’t answer questions regarding the sources case or were involved in the mediation or actual ongoing litigation you consider them co-counsel? Saiontz & Kirk are a attorney referral service we use

I understand that part of this agreement is that the Miller Firm LLC has agreed to promote and have 100% acceptance/compliance to this (unknown to me) reached settlement agreement? I’m not sure it’s worded that way, as I’m not familiar with the Zyprexa settlement: we believe this is a good/fair settlement and will not be representing any injured parties further if they decline this settlement offer.

I would like to request all discovery and related materials to do with my case including transcripts or notes from the mediation so I can seek further representation when I refuse this publicly reported or estimated poor settlement offer? There are no mediation notes or transcripts, the attorney’s just get together and talk. We’ll send you a copy of your file.

Source was told on numerous occasions false or misleading information about receiving this “settlement packet”, what new news can you offer me at this time? The Medicare holdback is about 45% complete, and we expect the packets going out in 30 to 45 days (this is would a year after Bloomberg news reported a settlement had been reached in the seroquel litigation)

This was another one of those unsatisfactory conversations with the Miller Firm LLC that is supposedly working for this sources best interest.

What the source gleaned from this questioning interaction was that Saiontz & Kirk is a case/claim broker. They advertise, gather hundreds of cases, and sell them to other firms for a nice profit with virtual little or no risk.

Here the source was under the impression that Saiontz & Kirk had accepted this case & were going to represent aggressively this sources' best interest. Instead, it appears the source was nothing much more than a case commodity to sell off for profit. Talk about being betrayed & mislead! One could gather “co-counsel” actually means simply a 20% client finders fee in the legal world of today. That’s some code of ethical conduct the legal profession has going on there.

Source also found out that what the “Miller Firm LLC” considers a good deal; means it’s a good deal for them, and it doesn’t really matter what their “bought” client thinks, believes, or what is in the actual injured parties’ best interest. This is all about the wheeling and dealing; quick settlements and big payoffs for these firms.

It will be interesting to know with further investigation whether the Miller Firm LLC had any cases prepared for trial, did any thorough vetting of cases, did due diligence in gathering pertinent information for each client they represented, or if they even ever intended to take a single case to trial.

I can only make an educated assumption/guess from their distant and cool attitudes and interactions with their client; they probably never planned or intended to represent anyone in an actual trial before  a jury. That would have cost them too much money and risk; especially when they have their sure easy payoff in this secret deal.


Someone recently posted what was reported to be their seroquel injury settlement offer on the Topix Seroquel Lawsuit Forum

DISCLAIMER about Topix Forum: this forum has a long and checkered history of providing spam, false, and misleading information. To use any reports generated from postings there; one would need to always verify the information with well documented & collaborating evidence. The following post is being used solely as a broad & fictional example, and should not be considered absolute truth, or should it be relied upon as actual concrete or substantial evidence.

Wichita Falls, TX #1893
Friday Jun 24

Received settlement packet from The Garretson Resolution Group on June 16, 2011. I was in the non-insulin diabetic group. Total estimated gross award amount was $18,321.76. 40% estimated gross attorney fee $7,328.70. Estimated settlement amount after attorney fee $10,993.06. Estimated settlement amount after fees and expenses $10,375.25. Estimated Medicare Holdback $7,328.64. Estimated Net Amount Due To Claimant $3,046.61

Even if these reported above figures are anywhere within the ballpark of reality…it would be made quite clear to any casual observer or interested party who’s best interest  are being served.

 It is definitely not rocket science after all to conclude that claimants/injured parties interest were a very minor focus in this reported secret negotiated settlement mediation proceedings between the AstraZeneca’s Legal Team and Plaintiff Attorney’s.

Attorney Fee $ 7328.70 (more than Twice the amount the injured party will receive)
Fees??: just over $600 (one can only guess this is for another law firm to do administrative work in coordinating who gets what and the distribution of settlement packets)
Government - Medicare Holdback $7,328.64 (more than twice the amount of what the injured party will receive; plus this amount is on top of the DOJ 520 million and States 86 million recovery)

Claimant – Injured party$3,046.61 (that is the person who has been directly injured by Seroquel; who will have a life time detrimental health condition and will incur massive medical expenses, a permanent disability, experience loss in quality of life, continued suffering, a shortened life span, and a whole host of other related negative factors)

 So what are the ethical and legal responsibilities of the Plaintiff Attorney’s – here’s a broad generalized overview of their responsibilities brought to you by wikipedia;


A personal injury lawyer has numerous responsibilities in serving his or her clients. These responsibilities encompass both professional and ethical rules and codes of conduct set forth by state bar associations where the lawyers are licensed. Once licensed to practice law by their state bar association, lawyers are legally permitted to file legal complaints, argue cases in state court, draft legal documents, and offer legal advice to victims of personal injury.
Also referred to as a plaintiff lawyer, a personal injury lawyer is responsible for interviewing prospective clients and evaluating their cases to determine the legal matter, identify the distinct issues rooted within the plaintiff’s larger problem, and extensively research every issue to build a strong case. The ultimate professional responsibility of a personal injury lawyer is to help plaintiffs obtain the justice and compensation they deserve for their losses and suffering through advocacy, oral arguments, client counseling, and legal advice.
Personal injury lawyers must also adhere to strict standards of legal ethics when dealing with clients. While the guidelines vary according to state, the basic codes of conduct state that a lawyer must knowledgeably evaluate legal matters and exercise competence in any legal matter undertaken. Moreover, personal injury lawyers owe their clients a duty of loyalty and confidentiality and must work to protect their clients’ best interests.

I can only suggest if you or a loved one is involved in the seroquel litigation, that you contact your state bar association and the federal attorney generals office to file a formal request for an investigation & complaint.

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Dr. Charles Schulz , University of Minnesota, Dan Markingson and the Seroquel CAFE study--the UMN says no further discussion, calls Carl Elliott a 'crusader'

Journalist William Heisel asks University of Minnesota's Dr. Charles Schulz for interview-no reply--PR says no more discussion of Dan Markingson's case, and calls Carl Elliott a crusader against the University and Dr.Charles Schulz.

Schulz, was the principal investigator in the CAFE study of Seroquel, which hangs over the University as a dark cloud, due to the death--suicide--of Dan Markingson.

Heisel, in persuit of a more detailed discussion with Schulz, never heard from Dr.Schulz (who is currently overseeing a Seroquel XR trial for Borderline at the UMN), but did receive an email from the public relations department representative. What transpired in that email essentially demotes Carl Elliott, a bioethicist at the University of Minnesota into a one-man crusader against the University and Dr. Schulz. The University has taken a stand now, that no more discussion is necessary regarding the death of Dan Markingson, in fact the UMN is attempting to disconnect the death and the trial, all of it.

Red flag alert! if the University has nothing to hide then why not talk? attempting to bury the discussion runs along the same lines as AstraZeneca burying the Study 15 for Seroquel, or the hiding of the diabetes and weight gain side effects as AstraZeneca did for years.

Why is the University allowing a placebo vs. Seroquel XR trial for Borderline Disorder? the drug is already on the market, and against a placebo? sounds like another patent extender indication, get them all approved before the drug goes generic and off patent.

Why won't Schulz talk? they've all decided this is no longer worthy of mass media attention. Who decides that?

Read William Heisel's article here-at the Reporting on Health blog. "The Markingson Files: University of Minnesota dallies on clinical trial documentation". Besides the lack of interviews the UMN is also dragging their feet sending Heisel documents, in essence it appears the UMN has flipped the bird at Heisel and anyone else interested in the Markingson case, and Schulz and AstraZeneca Seroquel trials are business as usual, nevermind that Schulz has in the past has received income from AstraZeneca.

No conflict of interest there......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CIRCARE: Citizens for Responsible Care and Research: Dan Markingson: AstraZeneca Sponsored CAFE Trial at the University of Minnesota

Dan Markingson: AstraZeneca Sponsored CAFE Trial at the University of Minnesota

Came upon this wonderful site that is chronicling the Dan Markingson story:  This is a must read story of pharmaceutical greed gone haywire in our scholastic institutions. This story goes far beyond the corporate money and corruption that has infiltrated are university medical and research systems. This is a tragic story of life lost and the well orchestrated cover-up that has ensued since.


2011-06-15: We appreciate your patience while we work on this page.

Litigation Documents Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679
Efficacy and Tolerability of Olanzapine, Quetiapine and Risperidone in the Treatment of First Episode Psychosis: A Randomized Double-Blind 52-Week Comparison Trial Number 5077IL/0114 Rev. 2: Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 2003-03-01 [Bates IRB000140-91]:
Stephen C. Olson, M.D. FDA Establishment Inspection Report Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [Exhibit J] 2005-07-22:
Deposition of Stephen C. Olson, M.D. Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [Court File No. 62-CO-06-11934] 2007-05-01:
(See bookmarks) Exhibits to Deposition of Stephen L. Olson, M.D. Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679:
Bates IRB 000001-000184 Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [UM IRB documents]:
Deposition of Charles Schulz, M.D. Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [Court File No. 62-CO-06-11934] 2007-06-22:
(See bookmarks) Exhibits, Pt.1 to Deposition of Charles Schulz, M.D. Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [Court File No. 62-CO-06-11934]:
(See bookmarks) Exhibits, Pt.2 to Deposition of Charles Schulz, M.D. Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [Court File No. 62-CO-06-11934]:
(See bookmarks) Exhibits, Pt.3 to Deposition of Charles Schulz, M.D. Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [Court File No. 62-CO-06-11934]:
(See bookmarks) Exhibits, Pt.4 to Deposition of Charles Schulz, M.D. Weiss v. UM et al. Fourth Dist. Ct. Hennepin County, MN 27-CV-07-1679 [Court File No. 62-CO-06-11934]:
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Professional Commentary
The Deadly Corruption of Clinical Trials. Carl Elliot. Mother Jones September/October 2010:
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Media Coverage
University of Minnesota GC Responds to Critics. Shannon Green. Corporate Counsel 2011:
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If you find the information on this page helpful please support CIRCARE with a tax-deductible contribution today. Because CIRCARE doesn't accept funds from pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers, we depend on contributions from individuals like you to help us advocate for meaningful protection of human subjects in research. Find out more on our Support page

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The Seven Year Itch: Seroquel used as a sleep aid in 2004, continues 7 yrs later

                                                       Photo credit Jeff Gentner  /  AP
Shirley and Stan White's son, Andrew White, died in his sleep on Feb. 12, 2008, while taking a Seroquel, a powerful antipsychotic prescribed as a sleep aid. Shirley White holds a box of her son's prescription medication is photo taken in the their son's bedroom in Cross Lanes, W. Va.

Antipsychotic Prescribed as Sleeping Pill by Matthew Herper, Forbes September 2004

"When AstraZeneca introduced the schizophrenia drug Seroquel in 1997, it was a dud. The London-based drug giant had no experience selling psychiatric drugs, and its then small sales force couldn't compete with the might of Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson, which ruled the market for antipsychotic medicines."


"Henry Nasrallah, a psychiatrist who is the associate dean of the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, says he has prescribed Seroquel as a sleep aid for patients who also suffer from other mental disorders. "A lot of our patients beg us for sleep," says Nasrallah. "And if we are going to give them something for sleep, we want to give them a mild, not harmful, drug that seems to help both their sleep and their depression or anxiety."


Since the writing of Herper's 2004 article, Seroquel grew into a blockbuster antipsychotic that continues to be prescribed off-label for insomnia. The drug is connected to veterans dying in their sleep. Often prescribed to vets for insomnia and PTSD, the antipsychotic gained momentum the last 7 years, with increased sales and prescriptions.

The doctor quoted in the 2004 article above, psychiatrist Henry Nasrallah, is a doctor whose hand is heavily in the pharmaceutical paid speaker cookie jar. Nasrallah receives income from AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson, which could be a conflict of interest, when speaking about Benedryl vs. Seroquel as he did back in 2004.

It's incredible this story can be written again today, 7 years later. Since then AstraZeneca was fined $520 million dollars for illegal marketing of Seroquel, entered a CIA (Corporate Integrity Agreement) with the Dept of Justice, and internal documents have been exposed detailing AstraZeneca insiders as knowing the antipsychotic had metabolic possibilities, with weight gain and diabetes.

Seroquel lawsuits totalled 26,000 and some remain to be heard in court while others have an unsettled case, where the plaintiffs are waiting for actual settlement numbers, and even information packets. Bloomberg reported cases settled in August 2010 and those plaintiffs have yet to see a dime of settlement money, though the general consensus is about $10,000 per person, for a lifetime body damage of diabetes.

The drug is in multiple trials in the XR version for a multitude of indications.

There are some people who tout atypicals as wonder drugs, and some might say they "work". For those who say that, I say listen to those who this drug in particular has injured. Those are the ones paving the way to AstraZeneca's Golden Wonder Drug blockbuster bank account, the drug that has become the multi-purpose antipsychotic and the one with dangerous side effects....yet where are the funtioning Schizophrenics or patients who suffer with psychosis? what are they saying about this drug's usefulness?

When does America stop tolerating paid pharma doctors and researchers? What will the next 7 years bring? how many more lawsuits or deaths?

Big Bucks Big Pharma AstraZeneca Seroquel - Selling America a bad pill of goods - disease mongering

 Hat Tip to Pharmagossip

Big Bucks Big Pharma AstraZeneca makers of Seroquel - Selling America a bad pill of goods - disease mongering for profit - it's about your health

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AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation - is the civil settlement real or just another rip off

AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation - is the civil settlement real or just another rip off

 So what exactly happens when a corporation such as AstraZeneca markets a drug such as seroquel that harms or kills many thousands of patients? We know the Federal Government and the States go after their money: which gets spun out in some juicy headlines with seemingly large dollar fines for the mass media and public to grovel over & digest. You may even read where a whistle-blower or two receive millions from those deals. 


Yet for those unfortunate victims who are actually injured or killed by these corporate actions and product! Just maybe if the hidden evidence or corporate wrong doings can be brought to light; a small percentage of those injured parties will seek legal representation and some justice (compensation) through the civil courts.


What really happens? 


It appears there are many pharmaceutical product liability law firms casting a broad net across America (Developing an inventory) stock piling thousands of cases under the rouse that those victims will receive individual representation serving the injured parties best interest (tort litigation); only to find out later that injured parties end up to be nothing much more than a case number and bargaining chip for these laws firms to cash in (take into secret settlement negotiations) for huge profitable recovery settlements that serve the law firms interest and not the best interest of their individual clients. 


We are now learning that the vast majority of these firms never intended to take cases to trial or vigorously represent their clients best interest. What they did do, is sign off on settlements that are broad sweeping, don't address injured party loss or future medical needs & were all inclusive without taking into consideration the differences in individual cases or do they even thoroughly investigate details of injuries/circumstances for each client they represent. 


In fact these settlement deals are designed to be a take it or leave it promotion that will in fact leave many of the most viable cases being pushed to the curb without further legal representation. We are now learning the tactics used by these law firms in settlement mediation are questionable agreements to aggressively promote the settlement whether it’s in the best interest of the injured parties or not.  


In fact it appears to be written directly into these secret backroom dealings. It appears that under the rouse of Tort litigation (individual Representation for the injured party), client’s actuality become victims of a class action settlement proceeding by proxy without their consent.


This works out just great for the many plaintiffs’ law firms involved; since they are reaping a large percentage of each individual final settlement agreement sum (millions of dollars for the law firms, maybe a poultry few thousand dollars to the injured party).

It really turns out to be nothing more than a pay off numbers (Shell) game many of these law firms are operating under the costumed veil sham of individual legal representation.


So instead of actually serving their clients best interest or preparing individual cases for trial; Plaintiff law firms lock themselves into mediation conferences to arrive at the highest settlement sum that serves their best interest. These law firms then wash all remnants of this particular drug litigation from their web sites/client advertising promotions, dump any client/injured party that doesn’t go along with their legal scam, and then move on to the next drug settlement payday.



This is not what injured parties deserve or should reasonably expect from their legal representation. It’s a crime & shameful enough that so many innocent individuals were victims of pharmaceutical corporate greed and malfeasance: but to be now victimized yet again by those that have a moral, legal, and ethical obligation to represent their best interest is just absolutely unconscionable and the worst kind reprehensible insult imaginable. 


This blog was created to change/challenge this corrupted system, to give you the citizen a voice, a place to speak out, somewhere to gather the truth, to present the evidence, to share your story, and a place to represent much needed change.


If there was ever a time in our history to stand up for what is right and the principles of justice; it is now.


For more thought provoking commentary and reading:

Seroquel Lawsuit - Are Plaintiff Law Firms working in their clients (injured parties) best interest or just their own?


Here is a recent example from soulful sepulcher blog highlighted below involving youhavealawyer aka Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.  Who in turn farmed out those Seroquel Litigation cases to miller firm llc.

We can only begin to mull over and interpret what information/misinformation the injured parties are actually receiving (or are not receiving) from their supposed legal representation firms.

Legal Malpractice? Scamming Seroquel victims without intent to represent in court: Miller Firm 

Source: anonymous Seroquel lawsuit victim/plaintiff Exclusive

This post will be updated as my source reveals more information from the conversation via telephone with the Miller Firm.

Backstory: The plaintiff hired the firm in the above letter, that firm turned around without approval/consultation and gave the case to the Miller Firm.


Plaintiff received return phone call from Miller Firm after repeated attempts to contact re the packet delivering settlement information, per the lawsuit against AstraZeneca that according to Bloomberg was settled in August 2010. To this date there are no plaintiffs who have received settlements from the Miller Firm who claim to represent 630 clients.

The Miller Firm representative told my source they have no intent on going to trial with any cases, and in fact believe their cases are not worthy of a lawsuit. The only option will be for the clients to accept the offer of approximately $12,000 before taxes and lawyer fees removed. If the client refuses the offer of the settlement they are not going to continue to represent the client, the cases are and will be closed.

The hold up according to the rep at the Miller Firm is waiting for the Government to waive the Medicaid/Medicare cases.


1. Why is another firm (Garrison Firm)in charge of the packets and asking for Goverment waiver of Medicaid/Medicare?

2. Is AstraZeneca going to pay the victims or is the U.S taxpayer?

3. How many victims of Miller Firm 630 clients are Medicaid/Medicare clients?

4. Why did the Miller Firm tell my source they do not want any personal case information?

5. Is this legal malpractice? Never having intent on representing clients in court/trial? Never reading any client information on how the drug injury happened?

THESE ARE NOT VICTIMLESS CRIMES there is a great injustice happening to people injured by Seroquel and now finding out that their lawyers are not going to help them settle with any trial or information of their case. How can they choose a settlement offer if they never had client information?
**Update: evening 4-26-11 email from anonymous plaintiff source
"Many more questions than answers!

This again is not passing the logic, smell, or ethics test.

These backroom deals made in secret are certainly not any form of justice; taken in even the most liberal context.

Why would medicare/medicaid give a reimbursement waiver….isn't that like saying government is going to cover the cost of treating victims of AstraZeneca's wrong doing? In fact, why isn't the government taking legal action to cover the insurmountable cost of treating those harmed by AstraZeneca's Seroquel?

If these cases were/are without merit, why did these firms agree & advertise to represent those individuals injured by Seroquel?

Why were plaintiffs not kept up to date or made aware of what these settlement negotiations entailed?

Why did plaintiff attorneys with supposedly an ethical & professional obligation to their clients’ best interest not want information & facts that were pertinent to individual cases? 630 cases settling for an estimated guess of $12,000 per firm gets a tad over three million, and those injured by Seroquel 5 to 7 thousand dollars for a life time affliction caused by Seroquel.
(That’s if government decides to grant a reimbursement waiver!).
Do the math yourself...what is the cost of treating diabetes and like conditions for a single year? Then figure out the cost down the road when more serious health issues come into play?
This doesn't even take into consideration the pain, suffering, loss of income & quality of life many injured by Seroquel have and continue to endure daily. Who is going to pay for the continued health care over the many years to come? Not AstraZeneca, not these law firms pocketing millions; it's the tax payer & victimized individuals once again that will foot the bill.
How about those victims that weren't using medicare/medicaid?
We see endless headlines about huge pay outs to Government for these pharmaceutical corporate crimes...but the facts are that those injured & victims of these crimes are left to fend for themselves. Government goes after their piece of the pie. States get their slice. Lawyers get a nice huge heaping slice of pie w/ ice cream on top...doctors get pie served to them. AstraZeneca & alike continue getting all the pie they want including ownership of the bakery.
Victims of the crimes get to continue being victims...that's what are government, lawyers, and the courts call justice in America.
What ever happened to the treasured American concept of receiving your day in court before a jury of your peers; deciding upon the delicate & imperfect scales of justice the merits & outcome for these cases? I'm guessing a billion dollar legal team with an endless/bottomless well of political influence contributions buys something far more than mere justice now a days."
What can be gleaned from this latest news?
It appears all settlements claims have been centralized with Garrison Firm (Special Court Appointed Master?) for determination of settlement amount & packet distribution.

No offers are going out until the medicare/medicaid issues are resolved, whether or not you as a plaintiff used either of those services.

No individual information or particulars besides the use of Seroquel and having diabetes or related condition was used in the settlement negotiations.

That’s means whether you were prescribed Seroquel off label, for sleep, anxiety, depression, were force treated in an institutional setting, or for any other reason off label or approved use it makes no difference.

From statements made from this law firm’s representative, the law firms that have signed on to this settlement offer do not believe anyone they represent has a case worthy of going to trial. This means this was a quick settlement money grab & not a true legal representation. One would wonder why they took these cases in the first place.

They are sounding little different than AstraZeneca Lawyers. The only ones that are going to get a fair shake & a substantial amount of compensation from this litigation are the lawyers. That is cold reality at this juncture.

Do plaintiffs have a case for refusing this settlement and pursuing possible legal malpractice claims?

Absolutely, it will take time & effort, but Yes! Remember, this is not a class action suit. It is a tort litigation where each case and individual should receive prudent and diligent representation which appears to not have happened in many (if not all) the cases in this settlement."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seroquel diabetes lawsuit settlement: Plaintiffs have not received settlement or information packets from Miller Firm

The Miller Firm was given plaintiff cases from the firm Saiontz and Kirk. When the plaintiff telephones Saiontz and Kirk that firm turns around and phones Miller Firm for updates, because NO ONE has any answers on what the settlement offer is for the clients or where the packets are--the information packets were promised via letter to my anonymous plaintiff to arrive "in the next three weeks".
It has now been 6 weeks and no information packet regarding the AstraZeneca Seroquel diabetes settlement has arrived.

March 7, 2011

Saiontz and Kirk

..."it is our understanding that values on client's cases have not been fully determined at this time and that a settlement packet, which will include the amount of the offer, will be sent to you, hopefully, in the next three weeks."
The Miller Firm, which apparently settled with AstraZeneca on behalf of clients refuses to speak about the cases, and if one telephones them to inquire, all you are given is a voice recording telling clients not to call.
Ask for the Seroquel lawsuit 'recording' (703) 519-8080
Perhaps Bloomberg reporters which reported the news without names, and apparent insider "facts" on how the lawsuit was settled, should phone Miller Firm and ask them where the client packets are, or how much monetary settlement each client will receive. Ask HOW Miller Firm can deduct how much one client receives vs. the other, when in fact the Miller Firm has never interviewed my anonymous client/plaintiff, ever.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

AstraZeneca Seroquel diabetes lawsuit victim receives letter: cases are not closed, this is not over

The law firm Saiontz and Kirk handed over their lawsuits to the Miller Firm without the consent of the anonymous plaintiff that received this letter. *(victim was prescribed antipsychotic Seroquel off-label use)
After an enormous self-advocating effort by the plaintiff, and many phone calls inquiring of the status of the plaintiff's case this letter has surfaced.
Victims should not have to do the footwork and constantly persist to find out information lawyers who represent them should be giving them.
These 2 law firms have done nothing to keep in contact with this plaintiff, and when telephoned have answered questions as if they were completely clueless as to the happenings of the Seroquel litigation.
In fact, the Miller Firm goes down as the best answer yet: "When you find out more call us". They had not even heard of the settlement last August 2010, as read about in Bloomberg.
My anonymous source took it straight back to the attained legal counsel that began in the Spring of 2008; and demanded that the firm (on the letter head and authors of this letter) find out what was going on with the cases and to contact the Miller Firm who they had passed the case.
This has taken months of persistent self-advocacy,(entering into years) and it is something injured clients should not have to do. This plaintiff calls and asks and demands answers and after all of's what the person received via letter on March 10, 2011.

♦No definitive answer of the dollar amount of the settlement and a vague promise of "3 weeks" to hopefully hear from the Miller Firm about the AstraZeneca settlement.

My source will seek counsel for a jury trial if the dollar amount is not acceptable for the lifetime disease/damage Seroquel left on the person's body. What price do we place on damage to a vital organ where lifespan is now shortened/diminished as a result of diabetes. What price does one place on that?
NOT $10,000. NOT $12,000.
March 7, 2011
Saiontz and Kirk
..."it is our understanding that values on client's cases have not been fully determined at this time and that a settlement packet, which will include the amount of the offer, will be sent to you, hopefully, in the next three weeks."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

AstraZeneca - Seroquel - Teen Screen - TMAP - The marketing of disease to our youth/society for greed and profit

AstraZeneca - Seroquel - Teen Screen - TMAP - The marketing of disease to our youth/society for greed and profit

 These are just a couple more glaring examples of how the pharmaceutical industry has highjacked medicine to market drugs including seroquel to the youth of America. Industry backed and funded programs like TeenScreen and TMAP have become the disturbing norm and not the exception.

These Pharmaceutical Corporations are targeting our youth relentlessly all the way from their playpens to college classrooms in an ever expanding scam/con to sell dangerous and negatively life altering drugs in the name of false and corrupted medicine/science for profit.

Corporations have no moral, ethical, or rational basis to market unneeded dangerous drugs to society; except that they are not in the business of health or healing, they are in the business of making money.

The hard truth & bottom line is that until we as a society demand that these mega multinational pharmaceutical corporations be held criminally & financially responsible for the endless stream of targeted assaults upon our citizenry, this monumental problem will continue to manifest itself until virtually no one in America will be left unscathed by these horrific crimes. 

Please Speak Out: let your elected Representatives know that you demand that the pharmaceutical industry and the growing numbers of corrupted doctors supporting their dubious efforts must be held accountable. The lies and profiteering by way of the broken and mangled bodies/minds of our population has to be stopped before this living tragedy turns into a never ending catastrophe.

Hat Tip: Via PharmaGossip Allen Jones speaks 
& 1 Boring Old Man Blog AllenJonesTMAPJanuary20.pdf (application/pdf Object)

I believe by listening and reading Mr. Allen Jones you can begin to get a small glimpse into how ingrained and systemic the disease mongering, corruption, and greed driven schemes really are.

AllenJonesTMAPJanuary20.pdf (application/pdf Object)

The “Model Program” is the Texas Medication Algorithm Project” (TMAP-pronounced TMap)
and it began in Texas in 1995.

TMAP is a Trojan horse embedded with the pharmaceutical industry’s newest and most
expensive mental health drugs. Through TMAP, the drug industry methodically compromised
the decision making of elected and appointed public officials to gain access to captive
populations of mentally ill individuals in prisons and state mental health hospitals.
The pharmaceutical industry bypassed governmental safeguards and medical review by
creating and marketing TMAP as a “treatment model”that was instituted in various states as
an administrative decision by a select few politically appointed officials.

The treatment model accepted by these state officials had a fundamental requirement rooted
deep within it: Doctors must first treat their patients with the newest, most expensive drugs
patented by the pharmaceutical companies. The state doctors treating mental illness could
choose which patented drug to use, but effectively could not choose to use less expensive
generic drugs unless and until the patented drugs failed.

Drug companies marketed their newer, patented medications as safer and more effective than
the older, generic brands. These drugs, they said, not only better treated the symptoms of
mental illness, they did so without the troublesome side-effects often seen with conventional

However, these new “miracle” drugs did not live up to their hype. They have proven to no
better than generics. Most importantly, most of the new drugs have been found to cause
serious, even fatal side-effects, particularly in children. It is a statistical certainty that many
lives have been lost and many others irreparably damaged.

The drug companies involved in financing and/or directly creating and marketing TMAP
include: Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, and AstraZeneca
Pfizer, Novartis, Janssen-Ortho-McNeil, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott, Bristol Myers Squibb,
Wyeth-Ayerst Forrest Laboratories and U.S. Pharmacopeia.


Of course if you really want to go the sleaziest marketing route in targeting children: there is this story from Pharmalot in 2008 that will literally send shivers down your spine...

Tiggergate: Using Disney Icons To Sell Seroquel

tiggerHow is this for creative selling? An AstraZeneca regional sales manager allegedly directed the sales reps in her region to use some of Winnie the Pooh’s well-known friends - specifically, Tigger and Eeyore - to promote the Seroquel antipsychotic.
We are told the idea was conveyed at a national sales meeting and on field rides with sales reps, who were told to use Tigger as a bipolar patient and Eeyore - the down-in-the-mouth donkey - as a depressed patient. The reps were allegedly encouraged to use Tigger dolls as giveaways, for instance.
eeyoreWhether any of the reps actually did so is unclear. Nonetheless, an AstraZeneca spokesman tells us that the drugmaker is “investigating the allegations,” although he adds that “it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment further, because it is an open investigation.”
Who knows what lurks in the 100 Acre Woods?


For further in-depth reading and professional analysis I would strongly recommend you stop by the 1 Boring Old Man

He has written a must read series of post breaking down TMAP  and various other controversial modern psychiatric and pharmaceutical practices; including a whole series based on the drug Seroquel and atypical anti-psychotics.

seroquel I: introduction to an “atypical”…
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seroquel IX: weighty matters…
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seroquel XII: an opinionated postscript…
selling seroquel I: background…
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contents of an empty mind……
the clinical research industry: time-to-market and beyond…
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we interrupt this program for… gulp…
the clinical research industry: the cro running in the background…
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the clinical reasearch industry: the ‘atypical’ decade…
patent medicines…
Seroquel XR: an extended release…
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atypical augmentation: statistical but irrelevant…
Zyprexa: the early earliest years…
Zyprexa: the other early years…
Zyprexa: incitement to malpractice…
Zyprexa: hyperglycemia and diabetes…
Zyprexa: so what’s wrong with Martha?…
Zyprexa: making history…

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Horrendous effects of anti-psychotic drugs upon the elderly - AstraZeneca - Seroquel

Antipsychotic drugs had 'horrendous' effects


More than 50 health and social care organisations are calling for fresh action to cut the prescription of 'chemical cosh' drugs.
Around 180,000 people with dementia are thought to be prescribed antipsychotic drugs in the UK, but 80% of those prescriptions may be inappropriate, it has been suggested.
Long term use of the drugs can make dementia symptoms worse, reduce the ability to talk and walk and increase the risk of stroke and even death.
Michelle Fraser's father Michael Rainford was put on antipsychotic drugs for two years after developing dementia, which she says had "horrendous" effects.
She told the BBC, "if he wasn't on antipsychotics we would have got to spend a lot more time with my dad and I feel like that time was taken away from me and my mum".

Antipsychotic Drugs Were 'Horrendous'


So how does AstraZeneca's Seroquel play into this ongoing abominable pharmaceutical industry assault upon the health & dignity of the elderly? You'll need to look no further than the AstraZeneca's Marketing Machine and one of their many paid shills Dr. Michael Reinstein.

The links below only begin to document and highlight the unconscionable acts of Reinstein and AstraZeneca. After a little reading I'm farily certain you will be as mind boggled and left scratching your head in absolute bewilderment as I was.

link: Source