Friday, June 24, 2011

Dr. Charles Schulz , University of Minnesota, Dan Markingson and the Seroquel CAFE study--the UMN says no further discussion, calls Carl Elliott a 'crusader'

Journalist William Heisel asks University of Minnesota's Dr. Charles Schulz for interview-no reply--PR says no more discussion of Dan Markingson's case, and calls Carl Elliott a crusader against the University and Dr.Charles Schulz.

Schulz, was the principal investigator in the CAFE study of Seroquel, which hangs over the University as a dark cloud, due to the death--suicide--of Dan Markingson.

Heisel, in persuit of a more detailed discussion with Schulz, never heard from Dr.Schulz (who is currently overseeing a Seroquel XR trial for Borderline at the UMN), but did receive an email from the public relations department representative. What transpired in that email essentially demotes Carl Elliott, a bioethicist at the University of Minnesota into a one-man crusader against the University and Dr. Schulz. The University has taken a stand now, that no more discussion is necessary regarding the death of Dan Markingson, in fact the UMN is attempting to disconnect the death and the trial, all of it.

Red flag alert! if the University has nothing to hide then why not talk? attempting to bury the discussion runs along the same lines as AstraZeneca burying the Study 15 for Seroquel, or the hiding of the diabetes and weight gain side effects as AstraZeneca did for years.

Why is the University allowing a placebo vs. Seroquel XR trial for Borderline Disorder? the drug is already on the market, and against a placebo? sounds like another patent extender indication, get them all approved before the drug goes generic and off patent.

Why won't Schulz talk? they've all decided this is no longer worthy of mass media attention. Who decides that?

Read William Heisel's article here-at the Reporting on Health blog. "The Markingson Files: University of Minnesota dallies on clinical trial documentation". Besides the lack of interviews the UMN is also dragging their feet sending Heisel documents, in essence it appears the UMN has flipped the bird at Heisel and anyone else interested in the Markingson case, and Schulz and AstraZeneca Seroquel trials are business as usual, nevermind that Schulz has in the past has received income from AstraZeneca.

No conflict of interest there......

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