Saturday, October 29, 2011

...and the winner is, Garretson Resolution Group and the Miller Firm ... the envelope please!

Will the dog keep its paws off of the claimant's new, Miller Firm Seroquel diabetes settlement payout-after-appeal-results in the sealed envelope? or will the story unfold like this one did?

The Dog Ate AstraZeneca's Homework! Evidence on Misleading Drug Ad Disappears From Company's Files | BNET Pharma Blog | BNET

AstraZeneca (AZN) says it has lost a crucial internal document that would explain how an ad for its antipsychotic Seroquel misleadingly claimed there was “no weight gain” with the drug and described its “favorable weight profile.” But the company admits it kept the six-year-old envelope that once allegedly contained the ad’s approval certificate, according to a ruling by the U.K.’s Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority.
The drug industry watchdog also alleges AZ’s Seroquel management team “pressured and manipulated” executives around them in order to make sure negative data on Seroquel was buried. The PMCPA ruled that AZ had breached its code of practice, which requires companies to operate in “a professional, ethical and transparent” manner.
If there’s a lesson here for managers, it’s this: Simply winning the legal war isn’t good enough. Consumers — and your own employees, as the Seroquel case shows — expect companies to go above and beyond. (AZ has mostly won the litigation filed against it which alleges the company failed to warn patients that Seroquel causes weight gain and diabetes. It settled with the Department of Justice for $520 million.)

Stay tuned!

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