Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Miller Firm LLC, Garretson, and "You Have A Lawyer" Saiontz & Kirk,P.A. - AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation - The envelope please, open the damned envelope - the losers are ??

An Anonymous source once again has provided this blog with a supposedly very ""hush hush" confidential information regarding the Seroquel Litigation that once again gives us a startling glimpse into the dark and shady legal under world of tort pharmaceutical litigation. I must honestly laugh out loud at the childish confidentiality games these firms are playing with their clients.

This latest following correspondence is in regards to an appeal letter sent HERE by this my source to The Miller Firm LLC, Garretson Resolution Group, and "You Have A Lawyer" Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. regarding their original settlement offer packet HERE.

It appears from the back & forth correspondence that I have had with this source, that these law firms completely ignored every major and pertinent issue that was addressed in the original appeals letter. But they have even gone further in their sleazy gamesmanship by recalculating and changing the rules of the settlement game merely as it suits them. In this case they have actually reduced their settlement offer significantly. Is this targeted retribution or just blatant incompetence...either way, this no doubt highlights the shameful and unprofessional conduct of these firms...

These are the highlights that make all this so disturbing & perplexing:
  1. The original gross offer was reduced from $11,595.91 (-$1344.64) to $10,251.27 after the appeal
  2. The Net settlement offer figure was reduced from $5,967.09 (-$748.83) to $5,218.26 after the appeal.
  3. How could that possibly happen one might ask? The law firm simply changed the disbursement criteria arbitrarily adding and subtracting where ever they wanted without the input or consultation with the clients they supposedly represent.
  4. They added an after 2004 seroquel use deduction of 20%
  5. in seems they have Jettisoned 6 clients
  6. created a larger hold back slush fund for 40 missing or dual represented cases  
  7. Appear to have changed age requirement from 18 years old to 19 years old?
  8. developed a new arbitrary point system for offer allocation
Of course, what still has not added or considered for obvious self gain reasoning by the law firms is that the settlement is not based upon the plaintiff injuries; it is based solely on the cost of AstraZeneca continuing to defend these claims.

If they are going to base this settlement on injuries, then AstraZeneca first needs to come forward and publicly admit that Seroquel did in fact cause the claimed injuries to be able to use this type of format or methodology in calculating settlement awards.
So aside from the glaring fact: the settlement calculation methodology leaves out so many other pertinent variables that it is virtually useless in determining equitable settlement distribution amounts. Just a small sample of the omitted criteria worth mentioning are...
  1. What was the drug prescribed label or unapproved use
  2. actual financial loses incurred by the injured party (lost wages, employment, other)
  3. past, present, and future medical expenses determination for each client
  4. pain, suffering, and psychological damages incurred by the drug & aftermath
  5. Was the prescribing doctor a spokesperson, paid representative, receiving actual monetary benefits for prescribing Seroquel (conflicts of interest) from AstraZeneca
  6. Were the claimants properly warned about the dangers/side effects of Seroquel by their treating or prescribing doctors....
  7. What were the negative effects and damage caused by the burying of important data, the off label marketing, and misinformation campaigns waged by AstraZeneca to both patients and doctors on each client injury..
  8. are there litigants that have already received an award settlement for similar or the same injury claims they are now making for Seroquel, from another drug..
  9. and the list goes on and on...
The bottom line is this....the source's appeal was ignored...and then it was subjected to a new calculation methodology as retribution for making an appeal. There is absolutely zero doubt who the law firms are working for...they are first working for themselves and self financial gain...they are also working as agents representing AstraZeneca attempting to force this settlement upon injured parties...and the worst of all they have completely abandoned their professional and ethical responsibility to serve each individual client's best interest...In Fact: as I read through all the many post, complaints, evidence, legal jargon, mind boggling settlement offers, threat letters, the strong arm tactics ,and see the way injured parties are being treated by these law firms....I can draw no other conclusion than The Miller Firm LLC, "You Have A Lawyer" Saiontz & Kirk, P.A., and other like firms involved in this & other drug related tort litigation never have intended to meet or full-fill their professional fiduciary duties to those who entrusted their cases and broken lives to them.

Guess what you legal sleaze balls; the damaged and forever negatively altered lives caused by AstraZeneca's drug Seroquel are not your cash cows or bargaining poker chips merely created for your own selfish gain and shameful profiteering...these are real lives, feeling real pain, are experiencing/enduring long suffering, and a diminished quality of life...You would be very wise to remember that stark reality...before it's comes back to bite you hard...


This is a counter appeals offer supplied & relayed to me by my anonymous source, directed to AstraZeneca, The Miller Firm LLC, Garretson Resolution Group, and "You Have A Lawyer" Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.: that AstraZeneca publicly admit that Seroquel has indeed caused thousands of deaths &/or injuries including diabetes and related conditions. That they indeed purposely mislead and lied to the public for their own profiteering gain. And that AstraZeneca supplies a written detailed public apology for all to read. Then my source will personally & happily decline any monetary award (ask for nothing 0) related to the harm and health damage caused by AstraZeneca's drug Seroquel. 

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