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The Miller Firm LLC - AstraZeneca Seroquel Settlement - Legal Strong Armed Robbery? - Commentary

 The Miller Firm LLC - AstraZeneca Seroquel Settlement - Legal Strong Armed Robbery? - Commentary 

After mulling over this befuddling settlement offer paper work; I can only derive one simple conclusion. The Miller Firm LLC is virtually holding a gun to the heads of those permanently injured by the drug Seroquel. Of course as in line with the usual propaganda B.S., this document starts out saying "We are pleased to announce" that we have reached a settlement that "makes us" money and "makes you" go away.

What isn't stated in this offer document, is that it appears that THE MILLER FIRM LLC never intended to take a single case to trial,  it also clear they never intend to now,  or are they ever in the future when this settlement is REJECTED by plaintiffs.

In fact THE MILLER FIRM LLC appears to have never even investigated cases and collaborating /correlating evidence to determine which clients had a cases worthy of trial, or had they prepared even a single case...This is, and was always about gathering up as many cases as possible (even by ethically questionable means from other firms) and then going for a settlement pay day.

I personally have a very hard time seeing any place in this offer document where THE MILLER FIRM LLC seriously considered what was in the best interest of their clients. Again this law firm has crafted a document that appears was written by the opposition law firms representing AstraZeneca.

I would ask as you read this document; please pay close attention to how it tends to lean in one obvious prospective, while it hands over all the power and decision making to AstraZeneca (that same AstraZeneca that injured these thousands given all the power & control of injured parties settlement?). This document clearly reads by all intent & purpose as being a loaded gun held to the heads of  injured parties; saying you must take this lousy offer or we'll send you packing.

So this is the kind of representation THE MILLER FIRM offers those that they are legally and ethically bound to serve in "THE CLIENTS BEST INTEREST".? ( not to mention pretty much every other firm that is playing tag along pay day in this litigation)

 These horribly unfair settlement offers in a cross comparison quagmire spot light
92.5 million dollar distribution pot
2351 clients
(before deductions) average claim = 39 thousand & change

6.9 million dollar distribution pot
623 clients
(before deductions) average claim = 11 thousand & change

The same drug, same injuries, same tort, same defendant (AstraZeneca), and yet this huge difference in settlement offers to injured parties. None of the offers I have seen as of yet come anywhere close to being acceptable, fair or just; but something is horribly wrong & gone a rye with these extreme differentials between injury settlement offers in the very same litigation.

 Honestly, I don't know how these ambulance chasers are able to sleep at night! I can only take a gander that lacking any moral conscience or sense of humanity has it's financial perks. I guess this document should really come as no surprise when you read correspondence between this law firm and their clients HERE .

Look at the numbers and ask yourself this question; if you had a life altering and life long medical condition that requires continuous treatment & monitoring, would five thousand dollars & change even come remotely close to covering those expenses? This is not to even mention quality of life issues, the pain, the suffering, loss of income, and a future that may hold out a fairly poor prognosis & early death.

Most people I know wouldn't call that a fair or a good deal....Now please take another look at the dollars figures in this document. Do you see that there are no deduction in this particular claim for medicare, medicaid, or other associated leans. When you begin to factor in those added deductions, you will find that many claimants will receive a mere small pittance from this offer. Maybe 3 thousands dollars if they get lucky in the calculations..less if they are not. Now please look up to the lawyers % and see how the lawyers will end up getting more than the actual injured parties.

So why should the average Joe American give a flying duck about the ramifications from this settlement? It doesn't effect you correct!

Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth...It's you the American Tax Payer that will be footing the bill for all that medical care, & in some cases even food & housing from the actions AstraZeneca should be held responsible for. .

Now that is one slick deal that AstraZeneca and these law firms have worked out...AstraZeneca walks away unscathed; still making a tidy 5 & 1/2 billion dollars a year on Seroquel, while dumping all responsibility or accountability for their criminal actions and the path of carnage aftermath they have created on you Joe & Jane America. The Law firms pocket a nice tidy profit here too...what a deal...they win even if they lose ( a loss for their clients that is)...

Could it get any bet it can....I hope you realize Seroquel a powerful Antipsychotic drug is one of the most widely sold and prescribed drugs in America....How could that happen Just look here & find out....How about the sad fact that if we don't stand up and stop this run-away train robbery now....the health and financial consequences down the road will be unimaginably devastating...those hundreds of thousands of new damaged victims are unlikely to get legal representation....those are children, veterans, family members, your neighbor or loved one....

We have a huge problem & habit of waiting until a catastrophic crisis occurs in America before we take action...This problem can be faced and a resolution can be found now....or we as a society & nation will be forced to face it later..


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  1. I signed up with the Miller firm to be part of the group claim against the maker of Seroquel years ago. As far as I can see, the Miller firm only contacted me a minimum of times, never kept me appraised of progress except the few times they thought it was a LOST CAUSE and told me in letters that it would not be worth the battle. In fact THERE WAS NO BATTLE !! they filed my claim with a court in Florida BUT THEY NEVER TRIED TO TAKE IT TO COURT. In fact, I think they did the very minimum to be in on the final outcome. the final outcome is that they get millions in attorneys award and we the clients get less than five thousand dollars. the forms they sent me to sign had so many errors on the pages regarding my social security number and my age and the dates of my claim that i have had to contact them requesting correct forms so that i could sign and get the pennies they promise so that i can get on with my little life, such as it is. the bottom line is this: DO NOT TRUST THE MILLER FIRM !!!!


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