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Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.'s Disgraceful AstraZeneca Seroquel Settlement Agreement Offer Commentary Part 4 - The Plaintiff Steam Roller

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.'s Disgraceful AstraZeneca Seroquel Settlement Agreement Offer Commentary Part 4 - The Plaintiff Steam Roller

This is the final commentary installment related to the recent Seroquel settlement offer made by Weitz & Luxenberg that was sent to this blog by an anonymous party (which we can safely assume is a comparable reflection of for better or much worse; what other injured seroquel litigant victims will be receiving in short order from other various law firms across the country). It’s far past time that the actual victims of these kinds of corporate atrocities are heard in the court of public opinion for once (since "WE KNOW" it’s the actual victims of these corporate crimes who’s voices are seldom heard or reflected in mainstream media reports regarding huge tort litigation).

I have chosen to use a style of inserting opinion & commentary within the actual document using a different color *RED* & Italic font for this series of post.

The legal profession has (or least should have) an ethical, professional, legal, and moral responsibility to serve their clients “best interest” first and foremost when representing claims and/or actions taken against corporate malfeasance & crimes in these civil proceedings. If we didn’t know any better? One would get a idea that these offer documents read very much like they were written and pre-approved by AstraZeneca and their billion dollar legal dream team; instead of the plaintiff Attorney’s them selves?

Where we left off in Part 3 – a review

 It is also important to note that even if your case is able to advance past this judicial scrutiny, a trial of this magnitude will cost over $750,000 per case and many of these costs are reimbursed off of the top of a favorable verdict reducing the amount received by the plaintiff. The ever popular legal version rendition of “Cry Me a River” Furthermore, any case that is won at trial will surely face a lengthy and hard-fought appeal. Now comes out the W&L patented & marveled crystal ball forecast that says even if you WIN, you will LOSE…Finally, nearly all of the Seroquel cases are being handled by three judges. Notice the fact that any mention of a jury is omitted… Even at an accelerated pace, the chances are slim that your case would be tried in the next 10 years if not longer. Once again the W&L legal crystal ball has predicted the worst possible scenario even decades out in one delectable morsel sleazy bite @ selling this bad deal to their clients….<Time for that puzzled befuddled look moment> who are W&L working for after all??? In taking all of these factors into consideration, and considering the issues of risk and reward, yours or the injured parties?…the deal they have hatched presents W&L no risk and rewards them quite handsomely…but what does it do for the injured parties they represent….the risk of horribly subverted justice, and the reward of a future with a poor medical prognosis mired in abject poverty…Sounds like a WINNER we believe that a settlement of this type offers you the most advantageous resolution possible. Insert: a loud verbose laugh track here….

Reading through this document I am actually astounded W&L would be even presenting such a huge pile of horse manure to those W&L are supposed to represent with professional and ethical standards of basic decency. This appears not to be the case with W&L; who no doubt have been joined by other corrupted and unethical ambulance chaser law firms from the across America in selling out their clients  for their own corrupted personal gain…

I personally only ask that each of the injured parties take pause for one moment to remember the innocent fallen, the elderly, the children, our veterans, the disenfranchised and disadvantaged others that will never receive formal legal representation or their day in court as a direct result of AstraZeneca’s unconscionable acts and inhumane crimes related to the drug Seroquel..

Please take pause to do a serious heart and gut check; and come to the rational conclusion to do the right thing by REJECTING THIS HORRIBLE & UNFAIR SETTLEMENT OFFER


- Part 4

You will be notified once the Special Master Special Master? (Also known as a private hired gun)that will be used here so that W&L can bamboozle you into believing your getting a fair assessment and evaluation of your Case…no need for medical professionals, court determination of evidenced fact, an actual accounting of actual losses suffered, or a jury of your peers making such tedious determinations; that’s why W&L paid someone from the your settlement $$ pot to decide who gets what with a limited subjective criteria governed by an all mighty and infallible Injury Task Master…I’m sure W&L also were thinking about purchasing a batch of Lotto tickets for each of their clients, but then on second thought decided that would make this backroom rouse too obvious for all those sick and dying clients they were hanging out to dry for a nice tidy profit. issues your point award at which point you can appeal to the Special Master if you believe that your case involves extraordinary circumstances. Thereafter, the decision of the Special Master is final, binding and non-appealable. That right folks, once the special task master makes the unquestionable supreme ruling, you have no other options, say, or recourse…your arbitrary tablet point value commandment will be forever etched in stone or until Moses reappears to command that on a proclamation from GOD, W&L must set his people free.

We have retained the Garretson Law Firm to negotiate any and all Federal and State liens (Medicare/Medicaid/SSI) that may be applicable in your case. The Garretson Firm is a specialist in this field and they have obtained excellent results in their negotiation of similar liens in other litigations like Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex. Yes, W&L have taken the liberty to hire yet another outside resource that will be paid a nice chunk of change from the settlement pot to figure out how much of your already small TOKEN settlement will go directly to Uncle Sam & other greedy interested parties. I hope by now you realize as the injured easy mark; this is just the way Mass Tort works, everyone gets a slice of your pie, until finally at the end of some far off distant day in the future, you the injured or dying litigant receive a very small crumb leftover…WOW…where do I sign... Moreover, the Garretson Firm has already worked on thousands of other Seroquel cases and has been able to achieve excellent results in large part due to the volume of cases that they are able to include in a Global Resolution. At this time, the Garretson Firm has already negotiated with 44 individual states regarding Medicaid and they have reached an agreement to CAP Medicaid liens at a maximum of 20% of the settlement amount. Please see the enclosed blue booklet regarding governmental liens for more details. The details included any and all possible ways we can deduct more from your puny settlement offer…let’s briefly go through the list: deduct 33 1/3 %  for W&L lawyers, Plus the W&L fees for all that time we sat around fancy resorts sipping martinis with the AZ legal dream team while coming up with this horrible offer for actual injured parties…. then another deduction for the Special Task Master, Yet another deduction for the Garretson firm, so they can determine how many other deductions they can find…Though we think that Uncle Sam will only want a mere 20% of your pittance Token….I think we are now getting the sharp painful thrust of this scam…that 12K track #1 in the end could look very much like a monthly utility bill rebate or an AZ RXSAVE discount coupon…Of course the other tracks are like the injured parties buying a blind passenger destination ticket on a train to nowhere. Additionally, please also be advised that if you or Weitz & Luxenberg are put on written notice of a private lien, for example from your medical provider, this lien must be resolved before any settlement proceeds can be distributed. If you have received any notice of a lien, please advise us immediately. Yes, the deduction gravy train doesn’t end there….unpaid parking ticket? Deduction…..medical bills made you declare bankruptcy? Deduction… ex-wife or husband wants their slice? Deduction…I think your beginning to get the point quite literally around that destination of where the sun don’t shine…

The terms of your signed contingency fee agreement will be in effect. We have taken great effort to keep the case specific expenses as low as possible. Insert: Laugh sound track Under the terms of your agreement, the contingency fee will be calculated after the expenses are deducted. Under the terms of our agreement with AstraZeneca, any interest earned on the settlement proceeds before allocation and payment to the individual clients will be used to offset the fixed costs of the Special Master and the Lien Administrator. Due to the low interest rates paid by all banks in this economy, we do not expect that there will be any leftover interest. However, in such a case, the leftover interest will be added to the settlement trust and will be distributed to all claimants as part of Judge Corodemus' allocation process. 

After careful analysis of the likelihood of success in the court system, as well as the cost and time elements involved, we strongly recommend that you AGREE to participate in this settlement. We are confident that this settlement is the best possible resolution for W&L, trust us…this is a good pay day for W&L…we do this all the time…plus, if you don’t go along for the fleecing ride, we’ll crush you like a bug and send you packing anywise…that’s just what we do… of your claim especially in light of the history of this litigation. We expect that any case that does not agree to participate in this settlement will have a very difficult time navigating through the Court system and trial dates may not be set for many years. Moreover, as we have seen, these cases will be aggressively defended by AstraZeneca WHAT!!! did W&L actually believe in some seroquel induced delusional state that AstraZeneca was just going to walk up & hand over the keys to their massive treasure money vault, and say please treat those poor victims of our blatant criminal actions and poison pill to whatever you feel is an adequate relief for all the carnage, suffering, and damage we have inflicted? Is W&L actually trying to blow some patented “SMOKE&MIRRORS” con on their clients here,  as they witnessed AstraZeneca gathering up a billion dollar legal dream team from just about every power house corporate law firm on the planet? Is W&L trying to scam their clients into believing that W&L didn’t know in advance that AstraZeneca was going to use every political favor card and legal trick available in this litigation to get cases tossed? What pathetic excuse is W&L going to throw at thier clients next? That this is so much different than all the other pharmaceutical tort cases you have profited from with excessive bounty to spare in the past….and we expect that we will receive motions to dismiss and unfavorable decisions from the Court on unsettled cases in the coming months. Moreover, if this settlement program is not successful (we fail to reach the 98% response rate) we highly doubt that we will ever obtain a settlement amount and terms as good as those contained in this program. That’s W&L way of saying…will dump you like a profitable bad habit suckers…take this TOKEN or fend for yourself…

While we hope that this letter and enclosures will help answer all of your questions, we understand that you may have additional questions for us. Please keep in mind that we are working very hard to evaluate each and every case individually and the many deadlines that are part of this settlement are fast approaching. Your case has been assigned to Judy Koenig. If you have an important question please call Judy Koenig at (800) 438-9786 and ask for extension 5860. Toll free number available for everyone….wonder if they have enjoyable background music playing while injured parties are sitting on hold waiting?….If you reach a voice-mail, please leave a message and you will be called back as quickly as possible. Please do not leave multiple voicemail messages on the same day as that will slow down our ability to return your call. Additionally, if you have email access, please try to email your detailed questions to us at and we will get back to you quickly. If this letter has successfully answered your questions, and you have decided to participate, please carefully follow the directions on the front page of the enclosed release form and send your signed and witnessed release formes), your Track Selection AND your Brief Questionnaire to us as soon as possible. If you still have questions after reviewing this letter and after speaking to us over the telephone and you would like to meet us in person, we will be happy to schedule a meeting in our office at your convenience. Finally, please remember that the detailed information regarding this settlement program is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and should not be shared or discussed with anyone. It appears this rouse has somehow ended up not so COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL after all. Don’t you just hate that whole nasty concept of transparency, sunshine, and free speech…’s an ambulance chaser to run a sleazy profitable business model under those kinds of ridiculous & cumbersome  impairments.

Jonathan Sedgh, Esq Glenn Zuckerman, Esq.


If anyone has offer packets or information provided by their law firm or other related materials they would like to share here…please send them along in a publishable format through the email address provided on the side bar of this blog…***Please remember to remove all personal identifiable information from documents*** of course, unless you clearly wish or express that your correspondence include your identity….


  1. I don't want to accept the settlement. I want a judge and a jury to look at what the drug has done to our family and a life should be worth more than 12k. Will there be other attorney's that will step up to the plate or are they all just looking for their cut closing the fight for those who have suffered extensively?

  2. My fiance is a victim of the seroquel pill and yes she received that infamous letter from weitz & luxenburg not fully knowing the magnitude of the letter other than she would be receiving a check if she signed the papers well she in fact did get a check but with all the medical expenses she had to pay off the money didnt last so she decided to write the judge overseeing the seroquel case with her continued bad health and medical bills piling up on her so the judge told weitz & luxenburg that they had to reopen her case and bring the matter before her to settle and yes they did cut another check but basically this law firm W&L only cared about the pay they would receive on a phone conversation one of the leading lawyer's literally told my fiance that this was not a money card type of deal and that every time she has a new health issue due to her diabetes that she got from taking the seroquel pill and they really dont have any sympathy at all for the people who will suffer for the rest of their lives from diabetes that this pill gave them me and my fiance urge people who have been effected by this to write the judge my fiance's doctor told her that if she didnt keep her blood glucose levels stable that she would lose her legs from diabetic neuropathy now what dollar amount can fix that none all families and persons who have been effected by the wrong doing of W&L not being represented fully im sure the judge doesnt know alot of things that W&L have done to the people who suffer from the seroquel pill that kills and effects people health and way of living for the rest of their lives lets not be silenced by big law firms and big pharmasuitical companies like astra zeneca lets get justice for all that suffer lets fight til the end


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