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Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.'s Disgraceful AstraZeneca Seroquel Settlement Agreement Offer Commentary - Part 1

REJECT AstraZeneca’s Disgraceful Seroquel Settlement Offer – Demand Justice, Fairness, & Accountability

After a couple of days of digesting this Seroquel settlement offer made by Weitz & Luxenberg (which we can safely assume is a comparable reflection of for better or much worse what other injured seroquel litigant victims will be receiving in short order from other various law firms across the country). I believe this would be a good time as any to start breaking this offer down piece by piece from a the injured parties perspective (since "WE KNOW" it’s the actual victims of these corporate crimes who’s voices are seldom heard or reflected in mainstream media reports regarding huge tort litigation). I will choose to use a the style of inserting opinion & commentary within the actual document using a different color *RED* & Italic font for this series of post.

Before we delve into the meat of this document; I would just write/state that I personally believe this settlement mirrors with great clarity everything that is wrong with our legal system in United States of Corptopian America today. The legal profession has (or least should have) an ethical, professional, legal, and moral responsibility to serve their clients “best interest” first and foremost when representing their actions taken against corporate malfeasance & crimes in these civil proceedings. If we didn’t know better, this offer document reads very much like it was written by AstraZeneca and their billion dollar legal dream team, instead of the plaintiff Attorney’s.

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.'s Bad AstraZeneca Seroquel Settlement Agreement Offer Commentary - Part 1

We are happy to report excellent news! Insert: Happy? Excellent? News? Is W&L actually calling this lay down settlement which appears to work out to a end sum of about 3-5K (plus or minus) for a life long serious health condition (diabetes & other related conditions) caused by AstraZeneca’s Seroquel should be considered HAPPY or EXCELLENT news even using the most twisted and tainted perception of the facts, evidence, documented crimes, and other events related to this litigation.

Just maybe for Weitz & Luxenberg this is a “Happy Occasion”; since they will walk away from this litigation still making quite a tidy profit & will go on to trumpet propaganda of what a great law firm they are to potential future litigants (Victims) of pharmaceutical malfeasance & crimes. Can you already envision those sleazy ads & claims “We recovered millions for victims of Seroquel”Use W&L as you’re trusted and successful bad drug representation **LAUGHING**

 After a long and hard fought legal battle, AstraZeneca has agreed to participate in a Settlement Program to resolve Weitz & Luxenberg ("W &L") Seroguel cases. Our patience and aggressive litigating has resulted in very favorable settlement terms for our clients which will be further outlined below. We have carefully reviewed all of the factors of this agreement and we believe that this settlement offers you the best, and very likely the only opportunity to receive a fair resolution of your lawsuit. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you sign and complete the enclosed "Release Form", "Track Selection Form" and "Brief Questionnaire" and AGREE to participate.

Was this part of the sleazy deal W&L made secretly in backrooms with the opposing attorney’s? That you would aggressively market this bad settlement deal, and then drop any and all clients that didn’t sign on?

Is that what Weitz & Luxenberg calls a hard fought, aggressive, & fair resolution to those they are supposed to represent in the “clients best interest”, while fulfilling their legal, ethical, professional, and moral duties. The mere act of aggressively marketing what you know in FACT to be an unfair and unjust settlement for the injured parties @ the behest of the opposition is about as detestable and unethical as one can possibly get.

 I have to honestly wonder how you can look yourselves in the mirror or sleep at night?   Do fill your pillow cases and wall paper around mirrors with the blood money believing it will wash away your conscience of all moral and ethical responsibilities to your profession & fellow man.

No wonder the legal profession has such a horrible reputation & wears the monogrammed cloak of having to “sell your soul to the devil” before entering into a court room or joining the bar association. DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME?

As you know, I just love when lawyers make ridiculous assumption statements. Have you actually sat down with & spent time with your clients discussing all the details of your backroom negotiations, everything you have done, what you could have done better, where you have failed or succeeded, taken your client’s views and prospective into consideration, or even pondered what can you do as their legal representation going foreword for a better & fair resolution before hammering them with this take or leave it self promotion propaganda letter/settlement offer?

“As you should know!” Most of the litigants/injured parties have been kept completely in the dark continually with only scant tid-bits of information derived from limited news reports, unsubstantiated speculation, one sided pundits, and were met with tight lipped secrecy from their own legal representation; before having these very same law firms (using W/L as just one of many examples) drop this ludicrous, bad, & unfair proposal into their laps.

we have engaged in a long legal battle with AstraZeneca over the past 6 years. Could we insert: We @ such and such law firm have spent long enough sitting in boardrooms, expensive restaurants, and fabulous resorts wasting time and twiddling our thumbs working out this horrible deal for our clients, it’s now time to cash in, make a profit, and then move on to our next bad drug pay day…

Come on now, we got are arse handed to us in the one and only case to go to trial…so instead of analyzing how we screwed up and work on presenting a more formidable case for our clients at the next trial; we decided to give AstraZeneca the playground ball and run home to mommy while it’s still profitable

Weitz & Luxenberg led the charge for the Plaintiffs around the Country. AstraZeneca put up a tremendous and expensive defense and they successfully were able to get a large number of cases to be permanently dismissed by the court. Weitz & Luxenberg is the only firm who took a case to trial anywhere in the Country.  Of an Estimated 30,000 seroquel cases, only one goes to trial??? And then based on that one trial (where a billion dollar AstraZeneca defense team could focus incredible resources focusing on attacking one litigant’s credibility & claim) W&L has derived without reservation that none of the Seroquel Litigants have a case worthy of trial…isn’t that like telling your clients “just go away with a few grand and thank your lucky stars we didn’t screw you over worse”…is that the jest of what your presenting here W&L?

 However, after a month-long trial, the jury unfortunately ruled in favor of the defendants. This loss did not affect the strength of our fight. Insert: BULLSH-T Over the past year, even as almost every other plaintiffs firm settled their cases, Weitz & Luxenberg prepared two more cases for trial which was scheduled to begin this Summer. As a direct result of the endless and consistent pressure applied by the attorneys at Weitz & Luxenberg, we are happy to report that AstraZeneca has now agreed to participate in a favorable settlement program. Which is really not much different or better than all those other law firms that screwed over their clients by signing onto and agreeing to promote this bad and grossly unfair settlement document?  Based on public reports regarding settlement programs reached with other plaintiff law firms we are confident Insert: Laugh sound track that the settlement program outlined below has more favorable terms and for this reason we are recommending your participation. Insert: Not to mention that we’ll still make a tidy profit while you (the Client, victim, injured party) just goes away to die somewhere in abject poverty.

The defendants have argued that they refuse to pay anyone who cannot prove through medical records or via certification that they have used Seroquel. They also refuse to pay anyone whose case is not active in this litigation. We recently told you about the Order issued by the Court requiring you to confirm when you started taking Seroquel and when you stopped taking Seroquel. We cannot stress enough that you MUST read, complete and return this certification form to us immediately. The failure to return this form within the next 30 days will result in the permanent dismissal of your case. In order to protect your legal rights, to keep your case active and be permitted to participate in this Settlement Program you must take this Order very seriously and you must respond.

Let me see if I get what you’re saying here correct! Your law firm trolled for Seroquel Litigants, & then your law firm didn’t even screen potential clients to know (find out, Verify) that they had indeed taken Seroquel and then had a corresponding professional medical diagnosis related to it’s ingestion such as Diabetes or other related adverse conditions? Some six years into your painstaking, unrelenting, aggressive, professional, and thorough representation of some 2351 clients and you can’t even verify they took Seroquel & the resulting adverse effects! WOW!

PART 2 coming soon....

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