Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Garretson Firm Resolution Group, Inc: Taking care of business for the AstraZeneca Seroquel diabetes plaintiffs

The Garretson Firm Resolution Group, Inc: Taking care of business for the AstraZeneca Seroquel diabetes plaintiffs 

 Did you know the AstraZeneca Seroquel diabetes lawsuits are not complete? the mainstream media reports blanket coverage news, with dollar amounts such as $198 million to settle the diabetes claims for 26,000 plaintiffs, or another lump sum tossed toward the pile of plaintiff claims.

In fact, the plaintiffs are still battling for their injury claim against AstraZeneca.

 Most people do not know that within the 26,000+ lawsuit claimants, there are individual firms representing certain numbers of claimants, and what many people do not know is there is a resolution group working for all of those firms. The Garretson Firm Resolution Group is handling the Mass Tort large group claim due to the federal government wanting their cut of the injured parties settlement.

 Before the plaintiff receives their final check for a life time injury from taking the antipsychotic Seroquel and becoming diabetic, the piece of the pie is doled out to lawyers, resolution group,the government (if applicable)and the last person to see the settlement money at the end of the line is the claimant. It appears that the firms who gather large groups of plaintiffs for settlement are merely ambulance chasers. They take the information from the client,and do not ever represent the individual in court. This is what people can take away from this Seroquel Lawsuit blog.

Learn that the individuals never had a say in their settlement terms, that their information was passed on in large groups, reviewed by yet another firm (Garretson), each entity takes their fee, and the claimant serves to keep many a law firm in business by being injured. There is no prestige and large settlement income for the claimants in the Seroquel diabetes lawsuit cases.

 The claimants have a permanent body damage to deal with, never asked for diabetes just because they took Seroquel, and many are presumed to have taken the antipsychotic off-label prescribed by a doctor for insomnia or depression, among other reasons.

 What price is a life worth? The law firms make out big time in this settlement and the claimants are left with broken bodies (or death for some) and little restitution to aide in medical bills for the rest of their life as a result of the settlement terms.

 The packets are rolling out to claimants, and the claimants hold the key to the resolution by either accepting their offer or appealing, or even mailing back the packet at all. How will this all end? Keep track here. So far it's apparent the law firms waste no time sending letters of intimidation to claimants.

The letters posted on this blog speak for themselves. The owner of the letters can do what they want with them and this is what the firms will find out by reading here, which they do.


 Matt Garretson discusses Mass Tort, Liens Harvard 'experts' worked on the Zyprexa settlement "I don't want to say cut a deal but we can form a track the resolution..."

Matt Garretson talks about the Garretson Firm Resolution Group,Inc. Medicare, Medicaid Liens Federal health care interests must be met before plaintiff receives settlement


 Matt Garretson of the Garretson Firm Resolution Group--Handling the AstraZeneca Seroquel diabetes lawsuits.


  1. Matt Garettson in above video is an incessant liar throughout the whole interview. The way FBI profilers determine this is he constantly shifts his eyes from left to a downward right angle away from the interviewer-not good if he has to be on stand himself in a trial-who knows?

    Just watch that movement, it corresponds to him giving an answer soon after having been questioned.

  2. Look at the law book on Garretson's shelf behind him - they've never been open, still brand new. Who needs facts with this set up of his? The suits in this country no longer practice law they rape it.

  3. The last few seconds of the third video clip as he makes his closing statement while stressing "efficient manner" his operation is you will notice he clears his throat a sign he is about to have a noose tightened around his neck for a crime. In fact the old superstition is he probably was hanged in a prior life.


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