Saturday, September 3, 2011

Garretson Resolution Group (The Miller Firm LLC, AstraZeneca) – Another Intimidation Letter Sent to Injured Seroquel Claimant – Demanding Cease & Desist

 I would like to cordially invite the Garretson Resolution Group to "Kiss My"
Garretson Resolution Group (The Miller Firm LLC, AstraZeneca) – Another Intimidation Letter Sent to Injured Seroquel Claimant – Demanding Cease & Desist

Today this blog has received yet another email & attachment from a familiar and trusted anonymous source which includes the following intimidation letter from The Garretson Resolution Group. If you are wondering who they are, and why they would be very upset if this horrible settlement program deal goes crashing down in flames; they are to the best of my understanding; the law firm that will be handling much of the funds distribution and deductions; such as Medicare, Medicaid, and other various leans that will be taken from the injured plaintiffs’ gross settlement offer.

I would like to steer your attention to the settlement offer breakdown posted directly below the Garretson Threat Letter. You will clearly see that Garretson Resolution Group has a huge financial stake in this settlement. The Garretson Resolution Group is pretty much handling all settlement claim distribution for plaintiff law firms in this Seroquel settlement offer. Just using rough math estimations, they are looking to take away a ball park figure of 425 dollars from each of the many thousands of settlement claims in this horribly unfair offer being pushed and marketed to injured parties.

No wonder Garretson Firm is throwing their arms in the air, jumping up and down screaming, spending so much time reading this blog, while sending out this intimidation letter.

The source communicated that they would not be bullied by the Garretson Resolution Group, The Miller Firm, or AstraZeneca; and decided to share this information here for the greater public good, health, and safety.

This is another stellar and disgusting example of The Law Firms in the Seroquel Litigation using threats, intimidation, and literally are  holding a loaded gun to the heads of injured parties in the Seroquel settlement matter. Again, everyone should be asking who are these plaintiff law firms working for? Surely it’s not their clients best Interest…

This  blog stands by the documents and commentary it has posted here steadfastly, and will not be intimidated or persuaded from sharing important pertinent information about this horrible betrayal of public trust and the insulting settlement offer negotiated in secret by The Miller Firm LLC, AstraZeneca, other Plaintiff Law Firms (including Garretson Resolution Group Inc.), or anyone else involved in this litigation attempting to subvert justice, cover up corporate crimes, & bury the serious harm done to citizens by the drug Seroquel.   

The Latest Threat & Intimidation Letter –


These horribly unfair settlement offers in a cross comparison quagmire spot light
Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.
92.5 million dollar distribution pot
2351 clients
(before deductions) average claim = 39 thousand & change

The Miller Firm LLC
6.9 million dollar distribution pot
623 clients
(before deductions) average claim = 11 thousand & change

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