Monday, September 12, 2011

Why does AstraZeneca want former medical advisor John Blenkinsopp's deposition sealed?

Could the evidence be so damning that AstraZeneca wants to bury any insider discussion of the history of the making of the blockbuster antipsychotic Seroquel? Just what does AstraZeneca have to hide? could the testimony of the former medical advisor work against AstraZeneca in regard to the Seroquel diabetes lawsuits?

"the data pointed in the opposite direction"-Blenkinsopp

Listen to this AUDIO of former AstraZeneca medical advisor John Blenkinsopp

John Blenkinsopp February 2011 deposition

is court ordered to remain sealed from the public viewing to protect the confidentiality of the deposition and related exhibits in April 2011.

What do YOU think? Buried and skewed data are /could be the evidence proof that AstraZeneca is responsible for the 28,000 claimants injuries from the use of Seroquel.

Protecting the confidentiality of the deposition or hiding the evidence?

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