Thursday, February 2, 2012

AstraZeneca Seroquel - The Miller Firm LLC & Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. "You Had a Lawyer" to begin mass client dump in Seroquel Litigation

AstraZeneca Seroquel - The Miller Firm LLC & Saiontz & Kirk, P.A."You Had a Lawyer" to begin mass client dump in Seroquel Litigation


In Yesterdays posting here 40% of Injured Seroquel Claimants Reject Settlement a regular anonymous source passed along new information that The Miller Firm had placed on their Seroquel update recording. It appears The Miller Firm is in the process of groveling & begging at AstraZeneca's criminal feet to "Show Them the Money" even though a very large percentage (40% or more, or an estimated 250+ of the 600+ injured parties) of the clients they are supposedly representing have unequivocally rejected the token settlement offer (that was a mere fraction of what other firms had offered in this same litigation for the same injuries) that has been presented to them. 

This morning I had continued correspondence with an anonymous source who stated after repeating attempts to contact Saiontz & Kirk,P.A. to no avail (which they had originally agreed to be their representation in the Seroquel Litigation), they instead received a call from a representative of the The Miller Firm. My source stated that they were told that The Miller Firm was in the process of working with AstraZeneca to hopefully finalize this token agreement with those who had signed onto the much ballyhooed & promoted settlement process even though they have fallen far short of the 93% approval threshold which was agreed upon in those now notorious secret settlement negotiations. 


The Miller Firm representative stated that there would be "NO" renegotiation of settlement terms or would any cases be further litigated or brought to trial. The Miller Firm representative stated that those that had not signed onto the settlement would be sent letters stating they were no longer represented by The Miller Firm or co-counsel in this litigation some undetermined time down the road?


Upon receiving this response; my source pressed further on this issue of The Miller Firm & non-participating co-counsel Saiontz & Kirk (While clarifying and reiterating that The Miller Firm had clearly stated that they were not renegotiating terms, not taking a single case any further in this litigation, were ignoring received appeals, and were well aware that this settlement has been without any doubt REJECTED by their client); The Miller Firm representative then capitulated by stating that a letter would be going out by mail within a week stating that The Miller Firm & Saiontz & Kirk would be withdrawing from their legal representation in the Seroquel Litigation. 


So after years of waiting patiently and much long suffering, this is what 250+ injured clients (40%) will receive from these firms in return for innocently entrusting these unethical, rude, secretive, shady, & solely self serving law firms with their well evidenced injury cases. 


One can only surmise that by using The Miller Firm rejection numbers as an example; there are quite possibly many thousands of injured Seroquel litigants seeking representation & their promised right of their day in court.  The fact is that this litigation is far from over; it's only just beginning - even though AstraZeneca appears to be telling their share holders a very different story in a newly released quarterly report here --> PharmaGossip astrazeneca-seroquel-legal-update.


If there are any reputable law firms still remaining in America that wish too or are interested in representing the possibly thousands of injured Seroquel parties that have either been discarded or have not been able to find legal representation in either pertinent legal malpractice claims against these unscrupulous law firms and/or to proceed with the Seroquel injury litigation against AstraZeneca; please feel free to leave that information in the comment section here, or send along an email to the



  1. I'm in Canada and didn't know about the law suits regarding Seroquel/Quetiapine. At age 69 in Feb of 2011 I was prescribed Quetiapine for severe insomnia that was leading to hallucinations from sleep deprivation. I took four doses, one each night for four nights and on the fifth day fainted and fell on my kitchen floor and in Emergency it was determined that my blood sugar was high (9 in Canada or 162 in US) and even though I never took another dose I have been left with type two diabetes. My blood sugar has always been normal until I took this drug and I'm furious. I've had so many complications associated with diabetes in this past year including peripheral neuropathy and psoriasis and a toe that will not heal from having the nail removed on January 11, 2012 (it's now March 7th) even though I'm controlling my blood sugar very well. Why was this stuff ever approved in the first place when it can cause permanent life threatening side effects and they knew about it?

  2. This turned into a dead persons name in the phone book, people of no importance ..


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