Wednesday, February 1, 2012

AstraZeneca's Seroquel diabetes lawsuit is not over: Miller Firm didn't make the 93% needed for settlement

If you thought the AstraZeneca diabetes lawsuit settlement was a done deal, think again.

The Miller Firm has not met the required percentage of Claimants necessary to settle the lawsuits for the 623 clients represented by the Miller Firm, LLC

93% required for settlement
The Garretson Resolution Group page 3 document shown above specifically states that if more than 7% of Miller Firm claimants DO NOT WANT TO SETTLE, THEN ASTRAZENECA HAS THE OPTION TO WITHDRAW THE ENTIRE SETTLEMENT  AMOUNT OF: $ 6,986,913.73

Garretson Resolution Group, Inc.
Page 3 shown above also states that if more than 7% of Miller Claimants do not want to settle, and AstraZeneca withdraws the $6 million dollar settlement offer, the attorneys can choose to proceed with litigation. That is what should have happened in the first place! Miller Firm and others representing over 26,000 clients who were injured by the antipsychotic Seroquel deserve more than a chump change settlement offer by a billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation that spent millions on defense. The evidence is stacked with proof that AstraZeneca hid and buried studies and data, illegally marketed the drug, was fined by the Dept of Justice--the list goes on and on--Study 15 was buried, in case you wondered why you got fat on Seroquel! the drug company knew this information and with intent to sell and profit, did so at the expense of innocent patients. These patients deserve their days in court!

February 2012

The Miller Firm LLC telephone recording states that they have received 60% of their claimant percentage necessary to comply with the settlement terms; which means that 40% of Miller Claimants DO NOT WANT TO SETTLE, and the Miller Firm is no where near the 93% required by AstraZeneca for settlement, as a matter of fact, due to having over 7% of claimants NOT settling, AstraZeneca can now TAKE THEIR MONEY AND WALK AWAY.

Where does this leave the claimants? Miller Firm states on the recording that they are attempting to negotiate settling the claims of those who agreed to settle, with AstraZeneca, and close the cases of those who did not want to settle.

Will the Miller Firm walk away from their own clients? will the Miller Firm swiftly dump the clients that rejected the offer, or failed to send the packet back? There was no option to reject the offer, it was take it or leave it, appeal it or keep the settlement packet for bird cage liner.

The Miller Firm is a case file gatherer, a law firm that takes large amounts of cases and settles for a quick buck, never really representing individual clients. The bell of justice won't ring for the 623 clients of the Miller Firm. It won't ring for the 26,000 injured people. AstraZeneca wins when they lose, and the patient loses over and over again. A life time disability is what they got from taking the antipsychotic Seroquel, along with a life time of angst and an ever-revolving  merry-go-round of personal hell, without an end in sight. Insult to injury.

When you read Bloomberg from August 2010 with a headline like this :

"AstraZeneca to Pay $198 Million for Seroquel Lawsuits"

Just remember, the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet.

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