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AstraZeneca Seroquel - The Miller Firm LLC & Saiontz & Kirk, P.A."You Had a Lawyer" more lies and deception related to the Seroquel Litigation - Feb. 2012 Update

AstraZeneca Seroquel - The Miller Firm LLC & Saiontz & Kirk, P.A."You Had a Lawyer" more lies and deception related to the Seroquel Litigation - Feb. 2012 Update



This blog has received some emails requesting updated information regarding The Miller Firm's Seroquel Litigation. In prior post herehere, information was given by The Miller Firm that roughly 40% of injured parties have rejected the low ball & insulting settlement offer that has been presented to them. Making it resoundingly clear that The Miller Firm LLC will not come anywhere close to reaching the 93% settlement approval threshold needed to make this insulting low ball offer fly. 


Yet, as in their usual seedy pattern of ignoring the clients they are supposedly representing; The Miller Firm is continuing to market this doomed settlement agreement in spite of the neon colored writing spray painted upon the wall "REJECTED". 


So what is likely to happen going forward?


The Miller Firm LLC and (non-participating co-counsel Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.) have stated they have absolutely no intention of taking any cases to trial (and it's seems pretty clear by now that they never have intended to take any cases to trial; just settle quick & cash in)


On The Miller Firm updated phone recording dated Feb. 13th 2012; they stated they are supposedly having a conference call this week with the AstraZeneca lawyers to grovel/beg freeing up "money" for those who have signed onto this insulting low ball settlement offer; even though this goes directly against the stated terms of the actual settlement agreement offer that was sent out to The Miller Firm clients. So it now seems that only two options appear to be on the table & available! and AstraZeneca is holding the all the cards with both! (Who were injured parties taking to court to hold accountable for the injuries caused by AstraZeneca's direct unconscionable actions?)


1. AstraZeneca simply walks away from the settlement (knowing all to well that The Miller Firm LLC is not prepared & is assuredly unmotivated/unlikely to take a single case to trial) saving themselves approximating seven million dollars with little or no risk involved.


2. AstraZeneca decides to change the terms of the settlement & drop all approval percentage thresholds (I'm thinking the court would have to approve this move?) & clear the slate of potential future litigation with roughly 6 out of 10 Miller Firm Litigants. 



It has become crystal clear that getting straight and honest answers from The Miller Firm LLC is pretty much impossible. They again have misrepresented themselves & have been shown to be liars by not following through on what they told their client last week.


What we can be fairly certain about from these self serving & dishonest ambulance chasers at The Miller Firm the client dump is surely coming. It is not a matter of "IF"...just a matter of when & how many (it could be all of their Seroquel clients, or it could be 40%+, depending upon AstraZeneca & the courts). 



Update Feb 21, 2012: information provided on the Seroquel update phone recording at the Miller Firm LLC  dated Feb. 20, 2012 stated that per phone conference on Feb 16, 2012 with representatives of AstraZeneca, that they are NOT releasing any funds to The Miller Firm LLC. The requirements of the settlement terms have not been met. 

What the Miller is not providing their clients: is what further demands is AstraZeneca asking for now. It has become beyond clear at the this juncture, that the 93% approval needed to make this settlement fly is not going to happen ever. 

Isn't it about time The Miller Firm LLC started being open & honest with those they are supposed to represent! This settlement as it stands is "DEAD & BURIED". The injured parties are once again asking for simple & straight forward answers from the Miller Firm. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Move forward to court with Seroquel cases, or are you going to kick all of your clients to the curb...



If anyone reading would like to weigh in on this topic, or has pertinent information they would like to share, or has information about Law Firms that are interested in taking on & ethically representing discarded Seroquel injured parties cases; please leave a comment or send this blog an email. 


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