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AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation Update - The Miller Firm LLC, Ennis and Ennis, P.A., & Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. "You Had a Lawyer" - Legalized Snake Oil Salesman - The selling of a bad settlement for profit

 AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation Update - The Miller Firm LLC, Ennis and Ennis, P.A., & Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. "You Had a Lawyer" - Legalized Snake Oil Salesman - The selling of a bad settlement for profit 

It’s appears The Miller Firm (including client gathering and case selling non-participant co-counsel Saiontz & Kirk, P.A , Ennis&Ennis, P.A. ) are in a desperate “sell the failed settlement” at all cost mode presently. Just three weeks ago The Miller Firm had stated in their update phone recording that they only had somewhere around 60% of the 93% settlement acceptance needed for the Seroquel settlement to fly. This past week after a concerted “Sell the Settlement” campaign they are now claiming a 78% acceptance figure; while also claiming that they have mailed out a “letter” to all their Seroquel Clients.

The Miller Firm seems to say a lot of things…yet how much of it is truth, and how much of it is just meaningless bravado & blatant lies? 

Let's look at this example from The Miller Firm web site:
I & others can attest that this statement & claim is complete bullshit, & one utter laughable falsehood.

I happen to personally stay in contact with some of The Miller Firm clients. One of sources stated The Miller Firm had told them three weeks ago that they were being dropped as a client for not accepting the settlement offer & would receive a letter stating that fact within seven days; That letter has never arrived! This same client also has not received this latest “sell the settlement” propaganda letter The Miller Firm has claimed to have sent out to “all” of their clients.

It is truly a nasty & underhanded business for ambulance chaser firms like “Miller” who are attempting to sell a horrible & unfair settlement offer for AstraZeneca & themselves, while throwing actual injured parties under the bus.

 In fact, it’s actually quite difficult to differentiate who is worse or more evil in this litigation: AstraZeneca whose product Seroquel has purposely harmed & killed so many to make Money, or the plaintiff law firms that are using their Seroquel clients simply as cash cows to collect large windfall paydays for themselves.

There’s only one thing we know for sure & as absolute truth: Seroquel injured parties are not receiving proper representation or anything that can be construed as being within the realm of actual justice. This whole litigation amounts to nothing more than shady backrooms and a very secretive member’s only club of greedy & self serving individuals/law firms that are shaking down those forever injured  Seroquel clients for their own personal profit & gain.

The numbers don't lie:

So how does The Miller Firm offer stack up against other settlement offers in this litigation?: SAME COURT, SAME DRUG, SAME INJURIES -

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.
92.5 million dollar distribution pot
2351 clients
(before deductions) average claim = 39 thousand & change (an embarrassing pittance)

The Miller Firm LLC
6.9 million dollar distribution pot
623 clients
(before deductions) average claim = 11 thousand & change (a complete insult)

(Please note this settlement is not & has never been about injuries suffered by claimants, or holding AstraZeneca accountable for their despicable actions : it is only about the cost of continuing to litigate claims. The Plaintiff law firms have created out of thin air a false & misleading perception that this settlement offer is about receiving compensation for injuries incurred!  IT IS NOT! That is a disingenuous ploy & misrepresentation of reality being used to sell this settlement and for nothing else)

Now let us look at the numbers in The Miller Firm settlement offer that they are so desperately selling their clients at present: (ask yourself who is winning and who is losing here?)

The Miller Firm Settlement offer for an estimated 623 Seroquel Clients: 

Total Settlement Offer is roughly 7.4 million dollars (including hold back funds). 

The Miller Firm & their Co-counsel are taking 40% plus fees & expenses right off the top: a ballpark figure of a 2.7 million dollar pay day (not bad for not preparing or having cases ready for trial.....just sitting around in some backroom swinging a sweet deal for themselves)

Then the Garretson Resolution Group is calculated into the racket for their piece of the action: (they do the paper work, create the "sell the settlement" packets, and barter lean resolution for a nice slice of pie somewhere in the neighborhood of  $260,000 dollars

Then Uncle Sam steps in & takes their % cut for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement; plus there are other potential private leans or outstanding debts that can be deducted...this amount will vary for each client/state/&situation.

Then at the very tail end of the settlement feast; the injured party receives their actual paltry offer; which averages in the neighborhood of 4 to 5 thousand dollars.

So as you can see: everyone has their hands in the settlement cookie jar, except the actual injured parties. The lawyers get rich and move on to their next drug or device litigation for another backroom golden deal. All the tag a longs like Garretson grab their share. 

And probably the greatest injustice of all is that AstraZeneca clears the slate; paying out virtually nothing to forever cover their criminal actions and the damage Seroquel has directly caused (& will continue to cause) to many thousands of innocent citizens; while AZ has made & will continue making untold billions of dollars in pure profit.

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