Thursday, March 15, 2012

AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation Update - The Miller Firm LLC, Ennis & Ennis, P.A., and Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. "You Had A Lawyer" - Are Law Firms Using Legal Sleight of Hand to Force Through a Rejected Settlement Offer?

AstraZeneca Seroquel Litigation Update - The Miller Firm LLC, Ennis & Ennis, P.A., and Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. "You Had A Lawyer" - Are Law Firms Using Legal Sleight of Hand to Force Through a Rejected Settlement Offer?

Where we left off in the last Post HERE , The Miller Firm LLC was reporting they had magically reached 78% acceptance figure for the Seroquel settlement offer; even though for many months there has been a 40% rejection of the same settlement offer. This week on The Miller Firm Seroquel Update Recording (*800* 882 -2525) states that they have now reached an 85% approval; while going further to boast & state that they will meet their goal this week ( 93% approval is needed for the settlement to go forward) .

WOW!! How does something like this happen? Shall we start wondering how one goes (in a couple of weeks) from a settlement that was dead and buried to a miraculous acceptance of 93%?

1. We know these firms have been marketing the heck out of this lousy settlement for almost a year now..

2. We also know The Miller Firm had/has made in quite clear to anyone appealing the process or who has not signed onto this settlement would be dropped from representation (evidenced by The Miller Firms numerous statements that there would be absolutely no re-negotiations, that client appeals would & have been ignored, & there would zero trials going forward).

3. We also know the stated settlement deadlines have come & gone....then out of thin air are being extended only to suite the law firms whimsical insistence that this settlement be accepted for their own selfish gain...(not acting in the clients best interest)

OK, we know that the above statements has been the sleazy case & hard to stomach reality for some time what else has magically changed in the past couple of weeks?

4. How about the dumping of clients! it sure appears that The Miller Firm has conspired against & jettisoned clients that did not accept the settlement, & are holding back that information/notification until they get the settlement money in their grubby and greedy legal mitts; and are recalculating (or are now in the process of recalculating) the new numbers to meet the 93% acceptance threshold criteria for AstraZeneca to release settlement funds. It's not like it's any hidden secret at this juncture that The Miller Firm & their Sleazy "gather & sell clients" co-counsel are in this for the money & very little else.....

Now if that is what has actually happened; then not only is it not kosher or ethical;  It also flies in the face of any reasonable or rational comprehension of the original settlement offer which was supposedly sent out to all the 623 clients The Miller Firm were supposedly representing. 

Radical changes in events and the status of tort settlements don't just change like this overnight....There must be explanations, extenuating factors or justifiable reasons behind such changes....I believe clients have a right to know....after all....who is The Miller Firm & their co-counsel legally and ethically bound to represent in their best interest....the clients or just themselves?

Of course The Miller Firm as usual is being very secretive, tight lipped, and closed mouth about what they are doing...They will only make references or comments related to pushing this offer through at all cost & nothing else.

 In fact, anyone questioning the process or this settlement approval push is ostracized from not only the entire process, but from all pertinent information & inquiry (including receiving mailings and letters that were supposedly sent out to all represented clients!!).

Considering The Miller Firms track record and history of supplying misleading/misinformation/bullshit (lies) throughout this whole ordeal; I & others are calling for the court and federal authorities to investigation the practices and actions that have been used and employed by The Miller Firm and related co-counsel throughout this litigation. Something smells completely rotten here; injured clients & the public have a right to know what's really going on!

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