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THE FIX IS IN - The Miller Firm LLC says they have magically reached settlement threshold & are presenting results to AstraZeneca in an attempt to cash in on the Seroquel Litigation

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! for all those injured or killed by Seroquel! it's settled Suckers

 THE FIX IS IN  - The Miller Firm LLC says they have magically reached settlement threshold, & are presenting results to AstraZeneca in an attempt to cash in on the Seroquel Litigation

In the continuing saga of "How the Seroquel Settlement World Turns" The Miller Firm Seroquel Update Recording today (*800* 882 -2525) announced they have reached the required number of settlement packets to move forward with asking AstraZeneca to release funds. 

Of course The Miller Firm does not say how many settlement approval packets they have actually received, or how many clients they have dumped to the streets in pursuing this magical threshold mark of 93% approval.

 This is all very secretive stuff that The Miller isn't sharing with their Clients or anyone else except AZ (you know the clients, injured parties, those people they are supposedly working for). Though one must seriously & reasonably wonder out loud what's really going on here; especially when a firm has been sitting at a 40% rejection rate for a year, and then in three weeks time somehow pulls a settlement agreement rabbit out of thier hat so to speak. 

This is why interested parties and clients are asking & calling for an investigation by Federal authorities @ the Department of Justice and the Court. Not only does the documented actions of The Miller Firm not passing the ethical & professional smell test....shall we start throwing around nasty words like "Fraud"? "Racketeering"? "Conspiracy"? or other related pleasantries to garner attention to the Injured Parties plight....The time has now come to have this secretive & unsavory curtain pulled back for all to see...

We know that The Miller Firm LLC and non-participant co-counsel have been tooting the settlement horn with their cheerleader buddies at the Garretson Resolution Group & AstraZeneca for over a year now. From the clients I've had correspondence with...The Miller Firm has quashed any & all conversation, inquiry, or mention of further negotiations or any chance of preparing their cases further for trial. 

There are so many questions, yet The Miller Firm & co-counsel refuse to answer any and all questions that don't directly refer to getting this settlement approved, or getting that settlement cash in their pockets.  

This blog has chronicled this secretive, often threatening, and closed door  process for almost a year now....Injured parties that are refusing this insulting & unfair offer are no closer to receiving legitimate counsel, a court hearing before a jury of their peers, or finding even the most remote form of justice now, anymore than they were then. 

This is a testament to how truly perverted and corrupted our legal system, the law profession, and the courts have become. It seems or appears that only the wealthy, elite, politically connected, corrupted, and those recognized into the small members only club receive the treasured promise of the courts and justice in America...The rest receive what has been written on the pages of this's simply insult added to injury....

I invite you the reader to go back & read through this blog's journey over the past many mouths & ask yourself this question; Have injured parties in the Seroquel litigation received anything that can be taken as, would be construed as, or closely resembling justice from the courts, media, their own legal representation, and most of all....from the AstraZeneca corporation that with forethought and malice caused them grave injury or death with the drug Seroquel? 

as they say....this ain't over until the last Seroquel induced fat lady sings.... 

But then again...will injured parties even be dealing with AstraZeneca six months or a year down the road...or some other huge corporate entity?

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  1. Association between Seroquel or quetiapine,and hyperglycemia.

    There is concern Seroquel,like other atypical antipsychotic drugs, has the potential to cause metabolic disorders, particularly hyperglycemia (excess sugar) and diabetes. Atypical antipsychotics cause the body to metabolize fat instead of carbohydrates, leading to insulin resistance to the excess carbohydrates.
    At the same time they promote fat accumulation.I was a patient back in 1996-2000 who was a subject of Eli Lilly's Zyprexa 'viva' Zyprexa' off label sales promotion.I was given it as an ineffective costly treatment for PTSD It gave me diabetes as a side effect.--Daniel Haszard



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